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The Gingerbread Man (forgetful) by Premium Magic



You start this children's magic trick with a cut out of a gingerbread man standing on your table. He is holding an inflated balloon. You then tell the children the story of how the Gingerbread Man lost his head. During this story, you remove the gingerbread man's head and put it inside a hanky held at the corners like a bag. When the hanky is opened, the gingerbread man's head has vanished! You then ask the children what can be used instead of his head so that he looks ok. Some one will suggest the balloon. You take the balloon and put it in place of the gingerbread man's head. You also draws eyes, a nose, etc. on the balloon so that it looks like a gingerbread man's head.

You then tell the children that the gingerbread man is very unhappy without his head. He wants you to do something to make him happy again. At this point you make some magical gestures and immediately the balloon bursts and the gingerbread man's head has come back! This is a fantastic children's magic trick.

The trick includes a colorfully painted wooden Gingerbread man, a base stand, extra gingerbread man head and instruction sheet.