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The Gathering - By Jamie Daws (Ebook PDF Version) - INSTANT DOWNLOAD


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Imagine having a card selected and signed. Then punching two holes in one end of the card. The holes being about a centimetre from each other. Then borrowing a finger ring and visually linking their ring onto the holes in the signed card....

Okay, that’s impressive but not impossible... BUT what if you could then hand that card to them with THEIR ring linked to the card. They can examine it as much as they want but the ring is still impossibly linked to the card.

The only way that the ring comes off.... Tearing it from the card!

The card can be kept by the spectator and they can of course take back their ring.

Welcome to the GatheRing...


Compatible with PC, Mac, iPhone & iPad



Instant Download: PDF format

In depth teaching you how to make the gimmicks...

How to perform it in different circumstances...

Tips and tricks...

Different patter lines...

And of course, lots of clear photo's to help you along!

Each gimmick takes about two minutes to make!

This one is a real reputation maker!



TYPE: PDF E-Book Instant Download (1.51MB)

DELIVERY: Electronic/Instant download(worldwide)







"Good job on the trick Jamie. I love gimmicked magic and GatheRing is cleverly thought out in construction and routine..." - Angelo Carbone


"That's really cool! Very good solution. Extremely practical..." - Cameron Francis