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The Five Fickle Fingers of Fate - INSTANT DOWNLOAD


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Five dark magic
& mentalism effects.
Psychic Cluedo – Paul Bell
Your volunteer picks a murderer, weapon and location, and mentally transmits it around the rest of the audience, each of whom ticks off what they think they’re receiving on a sheet you supply. The volunteer checks to see if anyone has one right or two of the selections right. Amazingly, you have all three. You will need  your own Cludeo board for this effect.

The Whitechapel Messiah – Paul Bell
The spectator learns the origin of the name “Jack” the ripper by selecting the same card as was found folded up very tightly in the first victim’s mouth. You pop it in a bag for safe keeping and then send the spectator back in time in her imagination to Victorian London, to see the victim, look in her mouth, remove the card and bring it back to the present. The spectator removes the card from the bag to find that it’s aged, as if it came from 1888. You then banish the old card and it becomes new again.

The Echoes of the Mind – Iain Dunford
Presented as an experiment into how the mind can be influenced by shapes, colours and subliminal suggestion, this is 100% guaranteed. If I describe this in too much detail, you’ll realise the working. Suffice it to say, this is a very strong use of a well-established principle in card magic but very easy, making it ideal for someone who wants to have fun with their patter.

Resurrection – Iain Dunford
This is our favourite at the Merchant of Magic. Basically, the spectator writes down something they regret losing on a piece of paper, spears it on the end of a pencil, then ignites it with a match or candle flame. They then rub some of the spent match carbon or candle wax into your palm. You hold out your closed palms towards the spectator, tell them to wish for the thing they wrote (an early revelation), and allow a folded piece of paper to fall from your apparently empty hands. Unfolding it, the spectator finds the word they wrote down.
a modernist approach to a form of psychoanalytical voodoo...

The Spectre’s Story – Bell and Dunford
After showing her an old photograph or having her hold an item belonging to a dead person, you send the spectator on a journey into her imagination, where she witnesses a spirit and hears its name being whispered. Coming out of her psychic state, you ask her to open an envelope that has been placed in full view since before the start of the test. It contains the name of the spirit. Now, this isn’t a routine for a beginner, but one they'll grow into as their confidence increases.


This is good workable, spooky stuff from two spooky people who work regularly. Each routine is what I call “classical” mentalism, and each effect has enough scope for you to make it your own. Above all, these are performance pieces, best served up at the end of the night in an intimate setting for a dozen or so spectators – by candlelight.

Good, solid thinking from Dunford & Bell. Recommended for anyone into spooky parlour mentalism performances. 9/10.
- Tomo



 'Just got mine and it is wonderful, some great routines in there' - Stephen Ward