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FREE shipping for orders over £40

The Creation Change By Justin Miller - INSTANT VIDEO DOWNLOAD


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Justin Miller has created a colour change card magic trick that is highly regarded as one of THE MOST magical sleights you can perform with a deck of playing cards.

Justin Miller has been perfecting his Creation Colour Change for 15 years! Now you can learn all of these subtleties in this instant video download.


  • Your hand is shown completely empty before the change occurs.
  • Justin Miller shows you how to end completely clean!, No doubles!
  • Very good angles!
  • You can also change 2 cards at the same time!

As well as learning the Creation Change you will learn Justin Millers' full magic trick routine that uses it along with a few bonus ideas on the subject!




"The CREATION change is the absolute Sickest, Flawless, and most of all the best new inventive colour change to this day!!! way to go Justin Miller" - Michael Anspach