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The Counts Count - By Stefan Olschewski - INSTANT DOWNLOAD


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Do you have the perfect brain? Now you do!

Just take out a deck of cards and a pen. Let them shuffle the cards. Then have them call out random digits and proceed to write them on the backs of the cards until you have marked about 30 or 40 cards (or even the whole deck). Fan the cards in front of you for only 5-10 seconds to remember the sequence. Hand the cards to the spectator who called out the final number. You are ready to go:

At lightning speed, and blindfolded, you run through the numbers on the backs of the cards in the exact order they have been called out! Each time you are right, the spectator is to simply drop the respective card until all the cards are scattered on the floor. Smile and thank him for his assistance. Become the one with the perfect brain!

  • No force
  • No stooges
  • No memory work
  • No calculating
  • Easy to do
  • Everything can be examined at beginning and end
  • You will always know the correct order of the numbers
  • You can even tell them the value on the face of the cards
  • You really don’t see the cards as you run through the sequence
  • You will learn three (!) different versions of the effect, one can even be done totally impromptu

1st edition 2008; 14 page PDF download.