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Cassidy Wallet - Brown



Nakul Shenoy presents THE CASSIDY - A Wallet for the Mind Reading Professional

"It's incredible! It's everything I want in a wallet, exactly."
- Jerome Finley

"Nakul's Cassidy wallet has one of the cheekiest peeks I've ever come across. Great thinking."
- Andy Nyman

"The Cassidy is the Swiss-army knife of mentalism wallets. It allows to pick whichever peek is most natural to your style and actions. Recommended!"
- Ben Seidman

The favorite wallet of mind-reading professionals is back. And now, you can get one too!

The best-kept secret of top mentalists since 2009, The Cassidy is making a comeback after a decade. Designed to fit in perfectly as your regular everyday wallet, it helps you read minds whenever and wherever you wish.

When the late Bob Cassidy was first approached for permission to name this incredible wallet after him, the legendary Master Mindreader said, "I love this wallet! It does it all and yet looks like an everyday man's bi-fold. Made of beautiful leather, it's perfect for impromptu work - just like me!". No surprises then that this was the wallet Bob used and recommended.

Hand-crafted in the best Indian leather, this fully-functional bi-fold wallet provides you enough and more space to carry all that you need for your days out: currency, credit cards, identity cards, business cards, and of course your favorite pocket tricks. Best of all, this trusted tool provides you five different ways to secretly peek at information and equips you with a hidden index too!

This wallet was attentively designed by Nakul Shenoy to provide everything that a professional would use a wallet for - and then creatively transformed into the perfect secret weapon to aid you in reading minds... especially in impromptu and challenge situations.

"The Cassidy is a professional mentalist's dream come true. This is the type of thing you will want to selfishly keep just for yourself. I can safely predict you will never leave home without your Cassidy!"
- Marco Fida

"It is THE best on the market today! There is so much you can do with this wallet. I highly recommend The Cassidy wallet. It's a great tool for the mentalist."
- Tony Razzano

"My one complaint about Nakul's wallet is that it may be too good. What am I supposed to do with all these other wallets I don't need since getting The Cassidy?"
- Michael Weber

The Cassidy is your very own Swiss-army-type, secret guerrilla tool for mind reading. And truly, the only wallet you ever need carry.

If all that was not enough, The Cassidy now comes in three different color variants - Black, Brown, and the Limited Edition Croc, each handcrafted in genuine Indian leather with the highest attention to quality.