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The Calling Card



I've been a professional magician/sometime mentalist for almost 20 years. I do corporate table hopping, large events, and private parties. I also do a lot of "impromptu" magic.
About a year ago I decided to make an item that would allow me to do an impromptu Dual Reality Hypnosis routine, anytime, anywhere the situation was right to do it. It had to pack small, play big and check all my boxes, and it does.
  • It looks like it was made at an office supply store
  • I can carry it in my wallet
  • Appears to just be a beat up old laminated business card
  • No sleights
  • Only one card used during the routine
The Calling Card does something NO OTHER laminated card does, in fact it does something no laminated business card has EVER DONE.
  • Instantly and secretly alter the printed name of the business, right in front of the spectators without looking at the card!
  • Instantly and secretly re-set the name of the business to Red Frog right in front of the spectators without looking at the card!
  • No switches
  • No weird ink
  • Nothing in your hand but the card
Here is a very condensed version of the included routine sans any real patter or exposition.

Let's say we're working with a couple and the lady will be the participant. I explain how I don't use a pendulum, I use an old business card. I show the back and point out that I have a participant concentrate on the the back logo as I do the "suggestion".

I separate them a bit and give the guy a quick look at the name of the business on the front of the card (Red Frog). I tell him not to have any reaction and don't say anything, just try and remember the name.

I do a quick hypnotic suggestion on the lady telling her that when I show her the name of the business, she won't understand what it says. I then let her see the name on the card.

Quickly, before I ask for a response from the participant, I again turn to the gentleman spectator and hold out the card to give him a second look at the name Red Frog, and again I tell him not to say anything.

I then ask the lady if the name of the business made sense to her. She will reply "no" or "not really". I ask her if she can pronounce the name. She says "not really" or just laughs, because what she saw is two words that make no sense.

I tell her, when your friend says the name of the business the "suggestion" will be removed. When I ask the friend to say out loud the name, he saw both times on the card, he replies "Red Frog". I then show the card to the participant, and they now see Red Frog. That is how it plays!

Only one card is used in performance, but I do include an exactly distressed un-gaffed duplicate.

I've been using it for almost a year and it's always in my wallet. I hope you can experience The Calling Card too!


"I was lucky to have gotten an advance Calling Card to play with and I have to give kudos To Tance for bringing something new, innovative and diabolical to the community!"
- Gableson - professional mentalist

Thank you for checking out The Calling Card!