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The BAT System by Carpenter Wong



The Bat System has brought mentalism onto a whole new level with a brand new principle.

Bats are precise hunters in the dark thanks to their ability to emit ultrasonic sounds that produce echoes. Similar to bats, the Bat System makes use of UHD radio waves to gain information for you.

It's fast, precise, and stealth.

The Bat System consists of a monitor and a RFID reader. The RFID reader will emit and read UHD signals, the monitor then shows the information to you. This is telecommunication in its very true sense.

The RFID reader can tell which card the spectator is holding in his hand,the distance up to 3 meters. You don't even have to be in the room to know the identity of the chosen card. With a max. transmission range of 15 meter, the monitor can be placed far away from the reader. This kind of transmission distance is indeed unprecedented.

The instant the spectator draws out a card, you know THAT card!

With such a powerful weapon, you can focus more on the presentation now.

The Bat System is equipped with several intelligent working modes to cope with different kinds of performing environment and needs. For instance, the Gambler's mode is perfect for gambling demonstrations, allowing you to know every single card in each player's hand.

We have prepared for you 5 RFID casino chips and 5 blank RFID tags. They also can be read by the Batsystem with the bonus modes,and you can insert the small RFID tag into anything you want, and those objects are now part of the Bat System!


A monitor
A RFID reader
A RFID deck(Bicycle maiden back)
5 RFID ESP cards
5 RFID casino chips
5 RFID small tags


Q: Can I use a normal deck of cards?
A: No, you have to use the provided deck. Because they have RIFD chips in them.

Q: If there is another RFID deck from another Bat System set, will my RFID reader pick up its signal?
A: No. Each deck has a different code. Only the RFID reader that belongs to the same set can pick up its signal.

Q: Do we need to get the spectator to place the card he/she draws around a certain place?
A: No. The reader's sensing range is pretty large. When the card is within a 2 meter radius of the reader, the reader doesn't need to be pointing to the card to get its signal. But if the distance is up to 3 meters, the reader needs to be pointing the card.

Q: Is there any lag on reading and receiving?
A: Almost none. As long as the card is within the sensing range, there will hardly be any delay.

Q: Does the monitor need to be physically connected to the reader?
A: No, this is not necessary. Both the monitor and the reader have magnetic parts, so they can stay together. But they communicate through radios. The max. transmission range can be up to 15 meters (when there's no radio interference). You can put the reader somewhere near the spectator, then place the monitor somewhere far away. You will still be able to know which card they take.

Q: Is the sensing range the same for the playing cards, esp cards and chips?
A: No, because the RFID chips embeded within them vary in size. With playing cards and esp cards, the max. sensing range is 3 meters, chips and tags about 10 centimeters.

Q: What's the RFID small tag for?
A: They are very small. Just place them into anything, and that object immediately become something that can be sensed.

Q: How long can the battery last?
A: The monitor's battery can last 3 hours, the reader's battery 2 hours. The monitor will also show you the battery percentage of itself and the reader. There's really nothing to be worried about.