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The Anywhere Principle by Ben Williams - INSTANT DOWNLOAD


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Hot off the heals of the best selling Instant Download Any Word, Ben Williams is now ready to share another of his practical and amazing routines - The Anywhere Principle. The Anywhere Principle is a method of providing proof that an object that is vanished is the exact same object found in an impossible location.
If you want to perform magic like Dynamo and Troy with everyday items then the Anywhere Principle is for you. Perform with everyday objects with extraordinary results. What if you could take a drinks label, mark it so it is unique and then cause that label to vanish and reappear somewhere impossible.
Perform ideas such as:
Marked bottle cap to bottle
Marked drinks label through window
Marked coin in sweet packaging

The Impossible Location effect is one of my favourite effects in magic. I have always wanted to have the freedom to vanish any item (within reason) and have it reappear somewhere impossible. But to have proof that it was the same item, proof like a signature or a torn corner from the item.The Anywhere Principle is the method I now use to achieve this effect. - Ben Williams

The torn corner plot is an age old idea and The Anywhere Principle brings that idea right up into the 21st century. The Anywhere Principle allows for the same type of impossible location as a corner tear routine, but you can use much more organic items and items that cannot be torn.

You can now leave your deck of cards at home and perform amazing routines such as card through window but with random objects such as a label from a drinks bottle or a coin, a loyalty card or a sweet wrapper. The Anywhere Principle allows you the freedom to perform pure magic! The nature of this handling allows for a very organic feel as it can seemingly be performed on the fly with borrowed objects.

In a world where magic with everyday items is growing ever more popular The Anywhere Principle really steps up as a tool to help you keep creating miracles for an ever tougher and cynical audience. 

In a nutshell what is The Anywhere Principle?

The Anywhere Principle is a new method for having a marked item be identified as the exact same item found in an impossible location,

What items can you use?

The Anywhere Principle allows for a huge range of items to be used for impossible location tricks. If you can vanish it then you can perform with it!

Do I have to provide anything myself?

You will need a phone with photo capabilities and depending on what item you wish to vanish you may wish to use a vanishing gimmick, some options for great gimmicks are supplied.

Are there any vanish techniques taught in this eBook?

Yes, a sleight of hand vanish is taught with photos so that you can use this technique at a moments notice!


Customer Reviews

Thank you, Ben - I bought this straight away when I got the first email this morning.  Great work - lots of excellent ideas. I can't wait to try them out!
All good wishes,


Points to Remember

- Easy to perform.

- Easy to set up. 

- Gives a very impressive 'seemingly impromtu' feeling.

- Spectator can retrieve the item from the impossible location.

- Spectator can hold onto the 'proof' until the item is revealed.

- Spectator verifies that he item in the impossible location is the exact same item.

- Perfect for any casual or working environment.

- Perform with anything you can vanish!


In the .PDF download you will be given a quick overview of the principle and then a detailed approach to performing it. Many suggestions are made for different types of vanish methods and impossible locations but this really is limited to your own imagination and style. A step by step photo guide teaching a shuttle pass vanish is also included so you can have the ability to vanish items at a moments notice only using pure sleight of hand. 



In order to perform The Anywhere Principle you must own a camera phone, an iPhone is perfect but any smartphone should suffice perfectly, we have been informed that HTC phones and Samsung phones work perfectly with this method.