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Telepath 18 - By Erick Castle - INSTANT DOWNLOAD


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What does the word ‘psychic’ mean to you? Really take a moment to ask yourself.


In this book, you will learn about the remarkable structure and capacity of your brain.


If you were truly psychic and able to read someone's mind, shouldn't it take place in the other persons head?

Have you ever experienced the sensation of ‘déja vu’: something happens and you know that it’s happened before, either because you’ve dreamed it or because you simply have a memory of it?

These are some of the questions I kept asking myself over, and over again. You will learn many subtleties here. We are going to teach you in the many things and harness your ability to apply these concepts in the real world for any situation, anywhere for just about any subject can be done. You will learn how to apply Telepath18 at a moments notice, only a few simple ACTIONS that make secret hidden knowledge and facts pop right into your own awareness!


Everything that becomes a reality started off as a thought. In truth, you can apply this technique in a situation where you know nothing, can't guess anything, and don't have the slightest clue. Everything can then be examined as there is nothing suspicious to find. If you are willing to take this plunge, then you have the opportunity of discovering a whole new world that is enlightening and remarkable. Irrevocably. You’ll discover new aspects for the presentation with mental magic that will enable you to treat all that you know or think you know with greater awareness, creativity and tolerance. It’s a process that has infinite possibilities, reaching ever outwards to a world without boundaries.

As humans we’re programmed to feel comfortable and reassured only after we have physical proof of something. We need to see something before we really believe it. With mentalism work we’re dealing very much with the feeling and sensing elements within us and we tend not to trust these as much, although there are exceptions to this rule. These exceptions are our key to understanding more. Awareness is an empowering concept. There is much to be said about the subject. Just because you can't see something doesn't mean it doesn't exist. Let me ask you something, have you ever seen a radio signal, a television wave, a loud noise, the smell of a rose or a thought impulse from your mind? You may never of seen these things but you know they are real and do exist.


As an educator, researcher, and book author, I am delighted to see the completion of this book. A great deal of the study throughout my career has dealt with human interaction and what lies beyond the illusion to understand as much the physiological and psychological. In this book you will learn how to do a very unique concept and principles that as far as I know have not been done like this before. With this knowledge, you can effectively apply them and start performing right after you have learned it.

The props used are an ordinary ungimmicked pencil and a pad of paper. Work along with me. I had to streamline the main concept, making them work in more practical settings and extemporaneously without the requirement of many props or special devices. In order to do this, I had to invent some systems of my own. After utilizing these systems and techniques for so many years, I've distilled them down to the basics—so that you can start applying them to your working repertoire, whatever they may be, instantly. It is our sincere hope that this material will help you reach your objectives as quickly and efficiently as possible.

If you consider for a moment, indulge me if you will be so kind to do so, what really is going on inside the head of another person? The most logical deduction might be to surmise that a lot of thoughts are bundled up and scrambling data on a daily basis so that it looks like babble to anyone except those who know the trick to decoding it.


Almost anything in the world can be hidden from sight and revealed again. The magician David Copperfield has made his living from hiding enormous things from plain view—like elephants and the Statue of Liberty—and then magically revealing them again. Any magician will tell you that in order to make things disappear and appear again, you have to have a plan of action—a formula or recipe—to make the magic work. Although you can’t directly equate magic acts with the cipher of information (although you will come to arrive at the same result), there is a similarity between the former in that they both need to have a formula in order to work correctly time after time.

My goal is not to better or improve your mentalism. "Better" and "improve" are mundane words, not strong enough to convey what really can be done. Does what you see register in your mind? I want to give you mind reading POWER you never imagined possible—or at the very least feeling of realism, a touch of authenticity, or anything in between. If I were to tell you now, that after reading and studying the system in this book, you would be able to read the mind of any volunteer, and with the use of absolutely no-gimmicks whatsoever, after looking at the volunteer only onceyou would think me mad. This may seem a bit far fetched to you, but it is true, nevertheless.


This book will provide you with mental tools to open your mind and let the spectator provide for you what you want. Master these techniques, and you’ll always make your own opportunities. The effects are relatively easy to do. You won’t find any convoluted methodology here. Although I think it is probably worth mentioning about not to underestimate the work required to present it properly. In other words, it's worth the effort to do it well.