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Teardrop - By Don Theo III - INSTANT DOWNLOAD


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From the preface: This little ebook is not jazzy or slick in any way. It is, in fact, a small step up from the scribble in my notebook. However, within its pages one may find reputation makers and religion starters.

You should know, before delving in, that my professional/scholastic training is born out of the theatre. I am very theatrical and this is why my audiences often cry a little when I perform. Don't worry about this now, but I will take you there.


  • The Parking Lot Act: A gaggle of people are congregated outside a bookstore in the parking lot. A section of the bookstore is chosen, as is the aisle and book and page. A "spectator" then takes this info, freely chosen by your parking lot (non stooged) participants and pulls a book off of a shelf, based on his or her directions, and memorizes a word. When that person exits the store with that word in mind they can speak it out loud or keep it to themself. That person is given the appropriate fundage to open the adjacent newspaper machine. The chosen word is seen to be circled in permanent red ink.
  • Card Through Person: Just what it sounds like.
  • Rapport Apport: A card trick. Yep. Two people think of the same card and then are brought to a breathtaking moment of revelation. 
  • Clock: A person thinks of a time. They then hold out their hand as though they were standing in the middle of a clock. You guide them in circles to discern the time and then the hour. This is not muscle reading. Also, as with anything in this book, it works 100% of the time.
  • Australia: A very personal event that will bring your audience members to tears. Don promises you this. But you do need to know the BCS or at least the Si Stebbins or 8 Kings to pull this off.
  • The Pirate Seance: Mr. Callahan graciously helped Don with this one. Dose not have to be a pirate I suppose, but you will use mass hallucination and induce everyone in your audience into believing that they were witnesses toga gruesome murder scene from over a hundred years before they were born. So why not use a pirate?
  • Teardrop: Don is not going to say anything about this part. It is the one contribution that he has to give that he is confident will revolutionize mentalism from now on.
  • Bonus Effect: Cat's Eye: How to read the mind of an (any) animal.



"These are real world workers he has developed with mentorship from big name mentalist and magicians. It would seem he is an excellent mentee in that he created some excellent wonderful pieces...
From updating classics with fresh new twists (Corinda on Redbull level) really wild bits (Card through Person! Yeah!) teaching you the power of the Teardrop...or how to add an emotional punch under your control...using techniques from other areas of the dramatic arts...It is here!"
- Bruce Ballon

"I've tried to write a review for this three times today and stopped each time because I felt I couldn't come up with the right words to do this work justice. I've decided instead to write exactly what I sent to Don.
I received this late last night (2:30AM) and immediately digested it. After finishing - I found myself lying in bed silently...thinking about all of the possibilities this could bring not only to mentalism and performance - but to theatre. I lie there smiling with my brain buzzing with all of these positive vibes of energy coming from a talented little performer from Florida...I didn't sleep until almost 5AM.
This is really stuff that is going to make your spectators cry. No hype here. We should all support Don Theo. Enough of that support now will nourish a very creative mind in the future. A future I would like to see a lot more from."
- Justin Gentry

"I have this, I've read it and I will certainly use some of it. Really great stuff! I highly recommend it" - ALEXANDRE

"This is excellent. Teardrop is so, so touching and a great idea." - Aidan



Format: PDF Printable

Edition: 1st edition 2008; 20 pages.