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Originally Ben released to the magic community The TEAR-able Sessions. It was a written booklet and got rave reviews from many top working pros. The routines were direct, easy to do and perfect for any situation.

Ben filmed the routines and tutorial a few years ago for DVD and the raw files for it were lost. Having recovered the download version of the file we are now making it available in a video download format. Included Ben has discussed his whole routine that merges two of the original effects together to make a monster routine. This routine will cause your audience to bend down to their knees and begin worshipping you, (maybe)!

The TEAR-able Sessions consists of three card magic tricks with the torn corner of a spectator's selected playing card.

TEAR-ific - A spectator's selected Bicycle Playing Card is marked by having a corner torn off and the playing card is also signed. Much to the disgust of everyone you take that exact same corner piece (no switches) and place it in your mouth and begin to chew, the spectator holds onto the rest of the card the whole time. You swallow the piece and then offer to bring it back for the spectator. You bring your spectator's attention up to the window and amazingly taped to the window is a piece of a playing card, only it is on the other side of the window! The spectator themselves walk round the window to the other side to see it is their piece from their signed playing card, not a near match, it is THE EXACT SAME piece to their card, it matches fibre for fibre, tear for tear! This is a very practical version of card through window and can be adapted to any impossible location, for example their corner piece could be found in a block of ice or under their watch, basically wherever you could get the piece of card to fit!

TEAR-ified - A spectator chooses a Bicycle Playing Card. The playing card again is marked by having the corner torn off AND being signed by the spectator. You take the corner piece and chew it up into a pulp, you could burn it to ash or vanish it however you like. Once the piece has disappeared you offer to bring it back for the spectator, all that is needed is a bit of magic. The performer takes the signed, torn playing card and lifts it up to his face where he blows on it to reveal the corner piece is now restored back onto the signed card! The card can instantly be fully examined by the world if you like!

TEAR-ibble - A spectator selects a Bicycle Playing Card and it is signed. The signed playing card is then placed in between the spectator's palms and held tightly. Even though the card is tightly in the grips of the spectator you manage to invisibly tear a corner piece from their signed card. Not to be believed the spectator lifts their hand and sees for themselves, their signed card is now impossibly missing a corner piece! The spectator is told to turn around and the corner piece is found stuck to the window behind him, on the outside. Again you can make the corner piece appear anywhere impossible that you can think of , unless you want it on the Moon or Jupiter, that would be a bit too impossible.

The Master Routine - These are the three original routines that are taught in full detail with over the shoulder shots showing up close the real work on these great effects. Also included is Ben's master routine that was not included in the original release. With the Master Routine you combine either TEAR-fic and TEAR-ified or TEAR-ibble and TEAR-ified so you have the corner piece vanish to an impossible location, it is then restored back to the signed, selected playing card and handed out as a souvenir!


Are the magic tricks easy to do?
Yes! With even very little practice, even complete beginners can master these card magic tricks. The thinking is what is clever in TEARable Sessions, not the sleight of hand, making this perfect for any skill level.

Is this suitable for the working professional magician?
Yes! These are not just magic tricks in 'theory' Each one has been developed and perfected in the real world for maximum impact on a spectator and with practical performing considerations central to their construction.

For TEAR-ibble and TEAR-ific, are the corners left with the spectators at the end of the trick, REALLY the corners from the signed playing cards?
YES! The corners are REALLY from their signed cards! These are not just close matches, they genuinely are the original corners!

Will I need to use Stooges?
NO! There is no need to use stooges or hidden assistants of any kind for these card magic tricks.