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 Taking the packet trick to the next level!




Three cards are selected by three different spectators. Spectator 1 remembers his card, we'll say it's the Four of Clubs. It is then cut back into the deck. Spectator  2 is instructed to look at his card, the Seven of Diamonds in this case, and then place it face-down on the table. Finally, Spectator 3 is asked to turn his card face-up and leave it that way. This card is the King of Clubs.


The magician then produces a small packet of four cards with normal backs and blank faces. “These cards have three jobs,” he explains. “Their first job is Trapping.” The deck is riffled and the four blank cards are swiped through it. When the magician runs through the packet of face-down cards, a face up Four of Clubs is seen among them! This card is placed on top of the deck.


"Their second job is Collecting.” The magician waves the packet over the deck three times. When he spreads the face-down packet, three cards are seen reversed among them: the Sevens of Hearts, Clubs and Spades, the mates of of the second selection! 


"Their final job is Printing.” The magician waves the packet over the final card, the face-up King of Clubs. The packet is then turned face-up. All of the cards are now the King of Clubs!


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TYPE:  PDF Ebook for Mac and PC - 8 Pages

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Magic Tricks Difficulty level 2 (Basic sleights)

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