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FREE shipping for orders over £40

Tap Out - by Jeremy Hanrahan - INSTANT DOWNLOAD


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From creator/magician Jeremy Hanrahan comes
a visually pleasing Sandwich effect called Tap Out!

This routine will have the selected card jump from a face down out jogged position to between the jokers in the blink of an eye!

Then the effect is repeated with the selection out jogged face up from the middle of the deck (this phase is eerie!) and then if that wasn't enough,  the last phase has the signed selection's back change color right underneth the spectors nose. Visual, easy to learn, fun magic that will have your spectators begging for more! Use the whole routine or opt for the fast hitting single phase which will have them questioning what they have just seen with their own eyes?

They will swear their signed card was out jogged from the deck a split second before it magically appears sandwiched between the two jokers.

Tap Out is used in Jeremy's opening set, see why for yourself and download this little piece of eye candy today!!!