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T.A.G is an awesome device I discovered not to long ago. Imagine having a device that could advertise your number, e-mail, web site and anything else while you're performing. Imagine a device that is so small, it can hang around your neck and look sleek and cool. Imagine a device that is eye catching and WILL get you more bookings. Imagine a device that can do all of these things and still hold a number of magic effects. Imagine no more! This device will make your professional, working life a whole lot easier and ensure everyone knows who you are and how to get hold of you. This is an absolute beauty and something every working restaurant, table hopping or close up magician has to have.

One Device.... Hundreds of possibilities!

:: Digi-Bus-Card ::

:: Card to mouth ::

:: Card in mouth ::

:: Card in-to mouth prediction ::

:: Scrolling Prediction ::

:: Scrolling Prediction Extended ::

:: Out's of Con-Scroll ::

:: Notes and Idea's ::


:: Reviews ::

"Started reading Tag! Man, this is cool stuff! Some great thinking, man." - Cameron Francis


"I have had one of these for years... I have had my own effects for it for years.. but Jamie has brought a new light on the device... well worth a look!" - Alan Rorrison


"...Terrific idea with many possible effects, and easy to do. This will leave a lasting impression on your spectators. You will be noticed! Your business will definitely increase.

More than recommended!" - MagicLee (MagicCafe)


"The effects are commercial, good and for the most part, easy to do! But the real idea here is to get people to notice and remember you -- this makes it easy. Not only will they take notice, hard not to notice scrolling lights, but it can put your message in front of them enough so that there is a good possibility that they can remember you for more than 5 minutes after you leave. Not to mention the fact that they will notice you every time they come within eyesight of you -- again hard not to notice.

Again, I would recommend taking a look -- I can tell you that I will be picking up one or two of tagz!"

- Robert Sixx (MagicCafe)


"... I remember an effect being released years ago using a device like this to reveal playing cards, Jamie has taken this little device way beyond simple revelations & shows what a neat little utility item this is.

Jamies clever thinking & solid advice on the use of this device is well worth your consideration, I love things like this that pack small & play big.

Definitely recommended!"

Mike Peterson (MagicCafe)

Note: The device will have to be purchused seperatly to this PDF. All information on how to purchuse the device is included in the manuscript. The device is inexpensive and will last a lifetime.