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Switch One by Christian Grace



It's the holy grail of card effects. You display a folded card under an inverted wine glass. You ask someone to name a color, a suit, and a value, to generate a truly random selection. The card under the glass is revealed to be this exact card.

That's just one of the dazzling effects you get with "Switch One," but this is far more than a trick. "Switch One" is the culmination of years of work. It mixes a revolutionary, burnable, invisible switch with a new index that makes the impossible possible. The index has been painstakingly designed to be so inconspicuous and slim it easily will become part of your everyday carry.

Once you master the gimmickless, sleight-of-hand switch, your mind will be racing with possibilities. Yes, you can use it to reveal a named playing card, as you see in the video, but that’s just one option. You could load the index with star signs, with holiday destinations, with take away food options, with hot drinks. We never use the phrase “you are only limited by your imagination” here, but in this case it’s true!

There are two handlings taught. The easier handling (which Christian uses most often, and you can see here) requires you to index half of the deck. The advanced version allows you to reveal ANY named card and requires you to index the full deck.

The retrieval process is fast and simple, as you can see in the video. There’s no need to wear a jacket. The index sits comfortably in any pocket.

The switch itself is not only invisible, but (as Guy Hollingworth notes in his endorsement) it is imperceptible. One object melts into another invisibly. This allows you to melt, say, a card into a dollar bill, or a blank piece of paper into money. But it also allows you to switch one card for another, even when viewers are staring intently at your hands. It's that clean.