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Sweet - With Chris Randall DVD



 Chris Randall's fast-paced, original effects, cutting edge thinking culminate in several highly visual, entertaining routines. Ranging from easy to advanced, there is absolutely something for everyone in the following seventeen effects:
 Ashes - His favorite magician fooler, Chris FINALLY tips his work on the ultimate visual ace assembly! CARDS INCLUDED!
 Sugar High - The powder in a sealed packet of sweetener magically changes according to a spectator's wishes!
 Silverose - A flower, fire, and a romantic mood combine to make the most visual coin production you have ever seen!
 Pip Squeek - The center pip vanishes from an ace, leaving a real hole - then instantly and visibly is restored!
 Frankenfish - One of the wildest effects ever! Bring a dead fish back to life right in front of their eyes!
 Jumbo X - Three giant coins appear and vanish at the fingertips in an incredibly visual sequence!
 Phone Card - A chosen card turns into a cell phone, then it appears inside the phone itself!
 Portable Phoenix - A real live bird emerges from the real live flames of a burning wallet!
 Pop Go the Aces - An easy yet HIGHLY VISUAL instantaneous production of four aces!
 Re-Fly - Imagine: four pieces of a torn selection magically fly from hand to hand, restoring together into a complete card - ALL AT THE FINGERTIPS!!
 Mouthing Off - Make a card VISUALLY change while held between your teeth!
 All Rolled Up - A chosen card appears rolled up between the spectator's palms!
 7 Digits - A phone number magically appears on a blank piece of paper! A great date trick!
 Influence - Predict a randomly thought-of shape in the fairest possible manner!
 8 Ball - A blank card is printed with the graphics of an 8 ball. Pull a REAL 8 ball from the card, and the graphics are gone! Then, put the ball back, it's flat again!
 Heaven's Aces - A knuckle buster! One at a time, four jokers appear at the fingertips then change into the aces! Tough, but worth the work!
 And There's More - Pop Art, a magical card revelation, and W.O.W. (Words of Wisdom_ - Chris' philosophies on proper magical performance!