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Subliminal Squares - By Dr Bill - INSTANT DOWNLOAD


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This isn’t your grandpa’s magic square!


Dr. Bill developed Subliminal Square in order to offer a contrary approach to classic magic square plots. Using this technique, the mentalist forgoes the role of quickly filling the square with a number provided by a spectator, and instead quickly implants the number into their subconscious.

This innovation in mentalism, initially featured in Banachek’s Psychological Subtleties 2, gained a widespread appreciation and was hailed as an instant classic. Professional magicians quickly adopted it into their performances..

Subliminal Squares underwent a significant evolution in Dr. Bill's seminal e-book, The Fource. One of the premier effects therein, Sublime Subliminal Square, can be effectively deployed on audiences of any size without the invocation of additional 'forces'.

Now indulge the thought of Subliminal Square and Sublime Subliminal Square having a child... a depiction of Dr Bill's most recent achievement displaying subliminal power. No more complicated tricks, techniques, or calculations are needed- you can now focus on showcasing an astonishing performance. This ingenious item can always accompany you in your wallet, ready to amaze one or all.

All three versions are included in Subliminal Squares as is the alternative “Savant Square” presentation, turning audience members into instantaneous math savants. And as if that weren’t enough, get ready for world-class contributions from the acts of some of the best minds in mentalism.

Dr Todd Landman, Steve Pellegrino, Rich Hennessey, Greg Arce and Joshua Quinn all give up the goods. They share everything from their own refinements to complete routines they are performing on a regular basis.

A folder of templates covering everything from business cards to auditorium-size Power Point projections is also included. The templates are set up to personalize with your own advertising material or to make the squares specific to that corporate gig you have coming up. A generic scientific “test kit” version is also included.