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FREE shipping for orders over £40

Straight On by Martin Vetter - INSTANT DOWNLOAD


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Imagine the following. You borrow a deck of cards and say you'll show how to stack cards for a game of poker.

However it will be too easy for you to do so yourself, so instead you'll teach a spectator how to use their intuition to stack the cards. All the high cards are removed from the deck, to form a small pile. A spectator uses his/her intuition to cut the pile and push the two halves together to form a mess. He then deals the cards, using his intuition for a second time, into a few piles.

Keep in mind that the spectator himself choose which cards goes into which piles.

The spectator, using his intuition for a final third time, then stacks the piles into a single pile in any order he likes. Completely free choice!

You now claim that the spectator have stacked the cards, using only his intuition, in such a way that you know the hand each player will get if he deals a four handed poker game! The spectator deals out four poker hands and chooses one of them. Without blinking you are able to name the hand he is holding. But that's not all! When the other hands are turned over you have yourself a stunner!





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