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Stir Crazy (With Gimmicks) by Dan Hauss & The Blue Crown

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Street Magic Tricks with Drinking Straws 

Drinking straws are and everyday object that is all around us. They make the perfect street magic prop. Straws are so common yet you can do amazing magic tricks with them.An ordinary item that nobody thinks about. The use of a simple straw is what makes Stir Crazy so totally awesome for street magic magicians. Rather than using playing cards, coins, or magicians props, there's nothing more innocent than a drinking straw?

Stir Crazy is a totally new magic trick by Dan Hauss. This professional standard close up street magic trick is a visual worker that allows you to unwrap a straw. You can visually TWIST the stripe and then make it go back to normal. The magic trick is super easy to do and is ideal for the school cafeteria, your professional tablehopping gigs, and street magic.

You get expert training on the method and the best presentation for Stir Crazy.

Straws are also included with the DVD so you can start doing the magic from the moment you receivethe kit.

You will also be taught an astonishing bonus magic trick where you visually change the colour of the stripes on a straw and then you can give to to the spectators to keep!

  • Comes with straws to start performing right away
  • Visual and Hard-Hitting
  • Perfect for complete beginners
  • For Professional magicians or Beginners
  • Awesome extra magic tricks included