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Stigmatisms - By Robert Smith - INSTANT DOWNLOAD


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 "Very creative methods to accomplish very amazing effects!" 

David Blaine

"Top shelf stuff, highly recommended!"
Sean Fields

"These are profound effects that will shake peoples reality."
Garrett Thomas


Stigmata is defined as marks resembling the wounds on the crucified body of Christ. Throughout history, accounts of this phenomenon have changed lives and inspired generations of people across the world, many times over.

Robert Smith has taken this powerful historical phenomenon and evolved it into a reality that your audience can witness themselves. Your audience will actually see the wounds appearing on your open clean palm!

'Stigmatisms' is the original ebook that started it all.  This is more than just a magic trick to impress or freak out your friends. It is like a bizarre dream coming to life right before your spectators own eyes.


Here is an excerpt from the E-book:

'Stigmata is something that I have been interested in even before I began performing magic 13 years ago. It has always been one of the most controversial, powerful, and attempted effects throughout history. I will not go on to discuss my opinion as to whether or not a "real" stigmata actually exists, but I will give you SIX original methods that have never seen print, FOUR old methods, some ideas on presentation and SIX non-stigmata effects. There are also a few hidden gems in here. Part of me hopes they remain tucked away. I encourage you to try everything you read here and experiment with your own additions and ideas. I hope that some of what you read can inspire your own creative methods.

I will also leave it up to the reader as to how they would like to present their stigmata. I give some presentation ideas and I encourage you to find what works best for your self/character.

Warning: The potential of this effect can be devastating to some people.
Please use your best judgment on who/where/when and for what reason you
perform this. I am not responsible for any cults, suicides, new religions, or
con artistry that are a result from this effect.'

- Very easy to do, no difficult moves or sleights involved

- Extremely Visual

- Angle proof

- Performers hands can be shown empty, there is nothing to hide

- Limitless possibilities for different types of effects


As well as the Stigmatism effect, you will also learn how to perform these amazing effects:

1) You cause yourself to cry tears of blood

 2) This time a drawing of the performers hand is stabbed causing him to bleed in that very spot

3) An updated version of an old trick where the performer slices a gash in his thumb. When the blood is wiped away there is no evidence of any wound

4) Blood Swami - The name says it all

5) An imaginary blade causes a wound to slowly open up on the performers wrist.

6) The performer is stabbed by the spectator with an imaginary blade causing the performer to inexplicably bleed where they were "stabbed"



TYPE: 24 pages - PDF E-Book Instant Download (148KB)





'The subject and some parts of this book will walk the edge of magic. Much controversy is predicted for this book. There are SEVERAL methods for performing this effect and the tears of blood effect effectively. Theres a close up, stage, television, and several others.

My initial reaction is that the effects are EXTREMELY practical! I even own the necessary gimmicks to perform ALL of the methods! A surprise to me, but refreshing. last night I was at a kinkos and performed a closeup variation of stigmata from the book and it slayed them! Blood from the palms with a little mental/bizarre back story and I had an instant miracle. THANK YOU for releasing this amazing book! Not only does it give practical methods, but it also shares some of the most thorough history I have had the pleasure of reading on the subject!' - adramindmagic


'I too got a copy of 'Stigmatisms', and I too am very excited about Bob's effect(s).

The routines and methods vary wildly, but all are rock solid. My personal favorite is the one  where you actually SEE the wound open up and bleed! 

 Top shelf stuff man. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED. - Sean Fields


'Uhhhh.....  Wow.' - Nathan Alexander


'Just recieved the ebook this morning and just finished reading through it...all I can say is wow cant wait to experiment with some of the methods and use them for some of my own ideas, highly recommended' - Jay P 


'Heck of a way to end a palm reading -- when you show your own palm.......' - C. H. Mara


'This is a must-have for the serious bizarrist - this is a fantastic modern treatise on synthesizing a realistic stigmata effect, and offers several variations in method and presentation, as well as a generous sprinkling of tips and tangental ideas.
If you're looking for another card reveal (because the world needs another one of those!?) look elsewhere; this is magic on a far more profound level.
I'll stop short of saying you could start a religion with this, but mainly because there already is a religion tied in with this!' - Mystician


'You can carry the utility all day and only activate it when you need to perform the effect. It is an extremely impromptu effect but with something like this, it's always good to wait for the opportune moment or create the opportune moment. It's quite ingenious and I know Bob, he's a pretty creative thinker.' - Steve 'kissdadookie'


'Methods L, R and X are the best in the book. Just the information on X is worth the book.' - Silvio Solaris


'The material in "Stigmatisms" is wonderful. I've been working with something similar, but had problems that Bob has managed to tackle rather well.

The result is a perfect looking stigmata effect that sports a strong and well thought out method. I will use this. I've been working with his handling already as I had left over materials from my own experimentation, and all the problems and slights I ran into with previous stigmata effects (including my own) are solved with this one.

Bob mentions hidden gems scattered throughout the manuscript, and these are gems indeed! I smiled more than a few times at his clever solutions to this champion effect.  Recommended.'  - Jerome F.


'Sometimes it just frustrates me that people (apparently not me) can walk by everyday commonplace objects at an office supply store, drugstore, button shop (or whatever) and figure out something magical to do with an item--while I just stare at it for its intended purpose. Then, of course, the corollary also frustrates me--that someone looking to create an effect figures out a successful method with a common object that I couldn't have imagined using as a solution. I am pulling out my hair. This is a perfect example of "I wish I had invented it".  Bravo and kudos to you Robertson.' - jeremysweiss