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Star Divine - By Erick Castle - INSTANT DOWNLOAD


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The performer introduces a stack of business cards, each with a different celebrity's name written on the backside. The cards are dealt into two piles of five cards, a volunteer is then asked to select a pile, merely think of one of the celebrity's names, in mind only, and then shuffle and mix the ten cards together. The performer takes back the ten cards and proceeds to cut the stack a couple of times mixing all the cards together, he then hands his spectator the stack of cards asking for him to hold onto them.

The performer explains that he would like to try an experiment with ESP, he asks for the spectator to "spell-out" the last name of the celebrity they selected using the cards to represent each letter of the name to do this quietly and not say it aloud. But as they reach the final letter of their selected name to slide that card forwards and hold their hand over it on the table. The performer then proceeds to write something onto a slip of paper and folds it up and hands the slip to another volunteer to hold. Asking his spectator to name aloud for the first time what celebrity they selected. The spectator names it aloud and the performer grins as he asks his spectator to flip over the card, it reads "The Award for Best Actor is Robert Deniro."

The spectator with a great surprise is amazed to find their own selection, as the second volunteer is then asked to open the folded slip of paper which it matches 100% the name of the selected celebrity written in BOLD letters. Needless to say the audience is amazed and not to mention totally flabbergasted, as the performer thanks his participants and takes a bow.


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