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FREE shipping for orders over £40

Squeezers V3 Playing Cards

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It is time to rediscover our passion for cards with Squeezers V3 Grapefruit edition! We are SQUEEZING this deck in right before summer ends. Printed by USPCC on Premium CRUSHED stock, this deck is ready for long walks on the beach right out of the box! As we did for Peelers V3, we wanted to throw in a metallic blue on the box and in the courts of our Squeezers V3!

Similar to the box from Squeezers V2 this one will also be scented to smell like grapefruit! This deck comes with two identical Jokers, a double backer, and a duplicate 8 of Hearts!

We printed 5000 this time, so don't let your chance to get this deck slip through your hands!