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Predicting the future is a core concept in mentalism.

If you are a magician you need to be able to make a prediction whenever and wherever you are on the spot.

It has to be direct, clean, and perfectly fair.

Now you can easily make a prediction without having to force anything. You won't have to do any switches. You can use borrowed items, and there are no suspicious movements.

Spot by Nefesch is totally impromptu. It's a prefect way to make a prediction of any kind:

  • Psychological Esp Symbols
  • A spectators name initials
  • Any numbers
  • Important dates
  • Values of Playing Cards
  • and more and more!

Basically you can use spot to YOU CAN PREDICT WHATEVER YOU LIKE!!!!

The simple techniques taught in Spot is very easy, yet, it's a real fooler and a powerful tool to add to your skill set.


This is how Nefesch presents Spot:

Two predictions are written on a single piece of paper...

One of them is a force, and the other one is a totally free choice (whether it is a card, a name, a number, a date, a Esp Symbol, etc.), so the audience member gets two predictions on one single paper. However, you can easily just have one prediction on the paper (a totally free choice, without the use of any force or any switch).


Instant download video file for PC or Mac