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Special Agents 2015 - Agents for Magicians - INSTANT DOWNLOAD


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A collection of entertainment agents throughout the UK & beyond, who book magicians, illusionists, and speciality act.

  Compiled by James Nathan


The team at the Merchant of Magic are often contacted my magicians that want to know how to get an agent. If you are a performer, either close-up or stand-up, it can take years to build up enough work to earn a decent living. Agents are more important now than ever before. Top companies and cruise ships only deal through reputable agents that they trust to provide quality acts.

Secret Agents 2015 is a comprehensive up-to-date list of agents from the UK and beyond who book magicians, mindreaders and speciality acts.

If you want to perform on a cruise ship - here are all the top agents, contact details, websites and info about what they look for.

Performers such as Mel Mellers, David Williamson, Marc Oberon, Dominic Reyes, and Mark Shortland and many, many more well-known names use these agents. There is also advice on how to market yourself to these agents.

This ebook contains around 90 pages of the latest industry contacts.

There are over 200 top agents - all members of The British Association of Entertainment Agents, plus a selection of agents overseas who book UK acts for cruise ship and corporate work.