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Spare Change - By Erick Castle - INSTANT DOWNLOAD


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Visual transformations for the table worker

Erick Castle has been back to basics! Erick has taken fundamental concepts in magic and fused them together with his own unique style. Change a ring into a coin or some dice, bend a solid key, cause a ring to penetrate a sugar packet, all of these things are possible with the techniques taught here in Spare Change.
The performer removes his ring from his finger and places it on the table. Showing both hands unmistakeably empty the performer covers the ring with his fingers, with a quick rub the performer lifts his hands to show that the ring has now changed into a large shiny coin!
As stated this sequence of moves allows you to perform many different changes, limited only by your imagination. Erick shares and talks about some of his own applications for this routine, from simple changes involving one object changing into another to feats of mental strength involving warping rings and bending keys.


Do I need a table?
Yes you will need a table unless you have some sort of levitating shelf that you carry round!!
Is this suitable for working conditions?
Spare Change is great for Bar-work and Trade Shows (if you have your own stand) and due to the variety of applications you can use with this effect can make for some very creative and startling changes. All of this doesn't mean it isn't usable in other conditions, it would be perfect for situations such as house parties or when you are out at dinner with friends and family.
Can I use any coin?
Yes, you can use any coin or small object you like. No gaffs or special coins are necessary to perform Spare Change it works entirely with sleight of hand.
I am new to sleight of hand, will I be able to do this?
If you are new to magic and sleight of hand you should be able to do Spare Change, not straight away but it is no where near a knuckle busting routine you would expect from Reed McClintock! This will require some practice but the moves necessary are all taught by Erick. These sleights are fundamental moves in sleight of hand when using small objects such as coins so the likelihood is that you know them already.
Is it instantly repeatable?
It can easily be performed almost instantly to another group. But remember you should never repeat the same effect twice for the same person!



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