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Social Networks by Sylvain Vip & Maxime Schucht & Marchand de Trucs

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Social Networks is a tool that will give a contemporary and emotional scope to your traditional mentalism card routines (ESP cards or playing cards).

Instead of having your spectator focus on abstract shapes like ESP Symbols, Social Networks allows you to deal with your participant's emotions and personal memories.

People have now developed a new way to communicate and convey their emotions in the digital realm of smartphones, computers, and social networks.

Every single day, six billion emoticons are shared around the world.

Behind the few pixels of these yellow faces, used by each and every one of us on a daily basis, are hidden our deepest emotions, our most personal thoughts.

With Social Networks, you will be able to immerse your spectators in this contemporary communication universe.

You will receive a set of 50 cards, specially designed with the theme of emotions and digital communication.

These cards are subtly but efficiently marked, allowing a wide range of effects, among which new takes on all the classical ESP cards routines.

You will also have access to a two-hour video that teaches you how to use this tool to revisit classical routines in a contemporary context, dealing with emotions and digital communication.

Five routines are taught, exploring new presentations on classical effects:

TIMELINE: Your participant imagines himself chatting and reacting with a friend through his smartphone or computer. He reacts and conveys various emotions through the process. The mentalist is able to correctly detect each one of these emotions. As a climax, the mentalist also guesses the name of the friend that the participant was chatting with in his imaginary conversation. You can also, if you like, reverse the process by having your participant guess the emotions you're experiencing.

OUT OF THIS DIGITAL WORLD: It's been complicated nowadays to stay focused on a task, as we're always distracted by digital notifications on our devices. You will challenge a participant to do a demanding task while being overwhelmed with notifications. Surprisingly, your participant will complete the challenge but more than that, he will realize that he has accomplished something truly baffling and inexplicable that deals with his emotional intelligence. (You will have access to a video specially created for this routine.)

OBSESSION: Everyone has once been overwhelmed with a particular emotion that erases everything else in his mind, be it sadness, anger or else. When this happens, whatever you do, you can't help being obsessed with this precise feeling. In this routine, you will immerse your participant in one of those moments through an unsettling experiment having a surprising twist. It gives real meaning to the word Obsession.

EMPATHY: The mentalist, using the participant's phone, takes a picture of himself miming a precise emotion and then posts it on one of the spectator's social network accounts (Facebook, Twitter, etc., or sends it as a message). Then, the participant, guided only by his intuition, chooses an emotion. He then checks the picture online to discover it's the exact same emotion the mentalist was miming.

MIRROR EMPATHY: The participant focuses on a particular emotion and tries to experience it deeply. A second participant lets his feelings guide him and manages to guess the other participant's emotion.

With this tool and the video coming with it, you will have everything you need to give new takes on your routines or to create new ones.

BONUS: The Black Giant, a simple and effective method to peek at information, is fully taught in the video.

If you like doing routines that use smartphones, Social Networks easily allows you to introduce these digital devices in a meaningful and logical way.