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SnowShot (10 ct.) by Victor Voitko

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SnowShot is very useful gimmick for the appearance of confetti.

It is indispensable if you desire producing confetti in your performance.

Your hands are always clean before and after the confetti's appearance.

This product is perfect for surprising the spectators by transforming small objects of your choice into confetti. Any small object can be transformed. You can also produce confetti from your empty hands. There is one more option: you can use this gimmick when you make other objects appear - that moment will look even more magical!


Question: Once the gimmick is used, can I recharge the confetti or are the gimmicks disposable?

Answer: The gimmick can be used many times (if you find it on the floor). After the shoot, the gimmick falls on the floor, so if you have time or are able to search for it, you can use it one more time. Nevertheless, it is best to have some extra gimmicks with you.

This set includes:
  • 10 SnowShot gimmicks
  • 1 special holder
  • 1 small confetti packet