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Snapper by Laurent Villiger - INSTANT DOWNLOAD


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With Snapper you can make predictions appear from nowhere, cause stickers to visually appear, vanish, or even morph ink on the back of a playing card.


There have been a lot of moving/morphing ink gimmicks that have come out recently but they mostly use thread or elasticated flaps, even magnets. If these gimmicks break you either had to really know how to (and be pretty good at) gimmicking cards. With Snapper you can have all of the visual goodness with a gimmick that will take you only about 2 minutes to make, with minimal arts and craft skills, it really is VERY easy to create.

This means you will have the ability to make up lots of these gimmicks for different cards or purposes.

Change incorrect predictions into correct predictions

Cause a prediction to suddenly appear

Make a sticker appear or vanish from the back of a card and end up on the spectator's signed selection

Change an image

With Snapper you have the easiest gimmick for this kind of effect!

You will be able to make your own gimmick in less than 5 minutes and you have all the necessary material at home.

  • The gimmick is very easy to make.
  • No magnet, thread, weight,…
  • Multiple applications.
  • The gimmick is completely invisible.
  • Easy to use

The explanations are very easy to follow (no language but some points/notes in english). Basics are required (DL, force, control,...). Learn the basic effect (seen in the trailer) + 2 other effects + tips