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Smack - By Francis Menotti and P3 - DVD and Gimmick



Smack is a new gimmick for the torn and restored card plot. In card magic there are few tricks that can inspire wonder as much as the torn and restored card. There is a reason that David Copperfield has performed a version of this plot in his TV magic specials and that reason is that torn and restored card, when performed well, the torn and restored card will be remembered forever.

Smack is a flash restoration torn and restored magic trick, this means that the card is torn into small pieces and restored in an instant. It is very visual and happens in your bare hands, eight small pieces of playing card held on a spectator's open palm, these pieces are taken by the magician and slapped between his hands, in that exact moment in time the playing card instantly heals itself. You can show your hands empty, apart from the signed playing card and instantly hand it out for inspection.

Points to remember:

Can be performed without sleeves.

New TnR gimmick that makes it easy to perform.

Shock inducing visual.



"I love this. Visual and practical. Just like everything Francis does, it is extremely well thought out and developed through tons of real world performance" -Dan White

"The visual restore smacked me in my brain. Immediately started the wheels turning for opportunities to use this!" -Blake Vogt