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Slip n Slide - By Justin Miller - INSTANT DOWNLOAD


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"The origins of how I came upon this principle goes back to 2001 when B.Smith showed me a modified pen that was later used for Universal Impression and Psypher. After that I started coming up with ideas with just the unmodified pen version which you now have as Slip N Slide. I just recently found out though that the FIRST person to publish this idea is Neil Tobin. He came out with his in 2003 with a booklet and Pen. Since then others (Regal, Fearson etc..) have independently created this Pen and gave no mention to Neils Original creation. I always want to make sure I give credit to who credit is due. Neil and I came up with the exact same thing by getting there with diff. Inspirations, BUT Neil Tobin and Xpert was published BEFORE I came out with Slip N Slide. So he gets the credit for this wonderful creation. And I thank him, graciously for allowing me to still offer my ideas with this AMAZING pen..Thank you Neil"

- Justin Miller


Slip 'n' Slide is the newest release from creative monster Justin Miller. Anyone who knows Justin's work knows that he has a great ability to come up with easy, visual and above all, 'magical' magic. What is magical magic I hear you ask! The best way to look at it is that some magic seems like tricks, puzzles, or even sleight of hand, this is not to say that people understand it, they don't, however they will feel like they are watching a great display of skill or dexterity. A lot of the magic tricks that Justin creates cannot be explained by sleight of hand or flicking fingers, it can only be explained as magic! Slip 'n' Slide is a PERFECT example of this.

Slip 'n' Slide is the culmination of 7 years of toying with an underused principle in magic. As Justin has already mentioned Neil Tobin was the first to publish work on this concept and has graciously allowed Justin to put his material using the same principle out to the masses. Slip 'n' Slide is 4 amazing magic tricks that require only one simple gimmick. The tuition video runs for over 1 hour and teaches the ins and outs of the 4 magic tricks as well as detailed instruction of how to construct your gimmick. You may even have what you need at home, even if you do not it will cost you no more than a couple of pounds to buy what you need.

dOt: In this great magic trick a dot is drawn on the cellophane of your card box. The dot is then dragged from one corner of the cellophane to the other. The dot is then melted through the cellophane where it lays to rest on the back of the signed selected playing card.

Initial Jump: With this magic trick two initials jump and move to join another initial on teh spectator's signed card. The signed playing card is then handed out as a souvenir and can be fully inspected.

O.P.P: An initial is written on a borrowed phone and is then visually dragged onto a borrowed bank note!

Card Slide: This is dOt on another level. A playing card is selected and then a random card is found, it is not the selection. This is placed under the cellophane of the card box. The name of the actual selected playing card is written on the cellophane and instantly dragged across the cellophane to the opposite corner of the box. The card initials are then melted onto the back of the indifferent card. When this is removed it is now seen to have transformed into the spectator's selected playing card!

BONUS MAGIC TRICK - Cignia: With this bonus magic trick you can borrow a cigarette from a spectator and have them hold onto the cigarette. A dot is drawn on the cigarette box and is dragged off of the box and made to appear on the cigarette in the spectator's hand! The dot is then removed from the cigarette and it visually appears back on the box again!

Mike Shaw's BONUS MAGIC TRICK - MARK: A small mark or dot is drawn on the side of a water bottle it then visually moves to the other side of the bottle!

Points to remember

  • Gimmick does ALL THE WORK!
  • Virtually self-working!
  • No difficult sleights!
  • NO sliding flaps or elastic!
  • Nothing to add or take away!
  • Resets in under 5 seconds!
  • PERFECT for all types of venues!


PLEASE NOTE: This video download contains bad language that some people may find offensive. Parental guidance is recommended.



Duration: 1hour+

Compatible with iPad, iPhone, PC and Mac