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Silhouette - By Dee Christopher - INSTANT DOWNLOAD


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Give your spectators the

opportunity to create life.


It's one thing for a mentalist to read a spectator, there are techniques for age estimation and cold reading that are often used to explain traits of their personalities. This is not a demonstration of cold reading.

This is a demonstration of sheer thought reading:

'I would like you to create a character in your mind, Somebody completely different from yourself - make this hard for me! '

'I want you to decide upon, in your mind, several details of this fictitious person.

1. Whether they are male or female
2. Their hair color
3. Their first name'

They are handed one card with the word male, one with female.

They are instructed to place one of these in an envelope, their chosen sex, and the other in a pocket.

Each of the other answers should be written on a post-it note, folded in to fourths and sealed in small opaque envelopes one by one and handed to the performer.

Piece by piece, the jigsaw is completed creating a profile of the person the spectator merely thought of.

The magician reveals each piece with the utmost accuracy.

There are no forces at all in place, the routine can play however you wish.


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