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Silencer by Jeff Prace and The Blue Crown

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Imagine asking a spectator for their smartphone. They set it to play any song they like, as loud as they want. You hold it up without ever touching the screen or any buttons. You command the phone to stop. It does! You then hand the phone back to the spectator and there's nothing to find.
This magic trick gives you the power to perform that miracle.

Magic tricks performed with personal, borrowed objects are always more powerful for a spectator, and what could be more personal than someones smartphone?

Using Jeff Prace's clever Silencer tool you can quickly and subtly silence any music playing device.
Jeff even teaches you how to silence the phone whilst it's sitting on a table or being held by a spectator.

Included on this DVD are two bonus magic tricks for smartphones, Scribble and Split.

Scribble lets you take a picture drawn by a spectator on the doodle pad on their phone and transform it into anything you want. It could be a card prediction, a name, a random word, the possibilities are endless!

Split lets you magically fix a pair of broken headphones whilst the spectator is listening to music through them!

Things to remember:

  • Easy to perform
  • Immediately examinable
  • Precision gimmicks included with DVD
  • Uses a borrowed phone
  • Bonus magic tricks included
  • No apps