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Shootout By Adam Dadswell - INSTANT DOWNLOAD


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Adam Dadswell is a fantastic and enthusiastic magician with a lot of brilliant and creative idea’s. “Shootout” is a prime example of his fantastic thinking. “Shootout” is a card move that accomplishes two things. One, it shoots a card from the centre of the deck with no gimmicks or prior set up. Two, it makes you look like your oozing style and skill. This move can be used with all your favourite effects and plots. It’s so simple to do that the intermediate can do it but, has so many possibilities that the move monkeys will be occupied night after night! 

As it plays, a card is selected and then returned back to the centre of the deck fairly and cleanly. The deck is immediately placed on the table. The magician asks the spectator to concentrate on the deck and imagine her card appearing instantly from the deck. At that moment, the magician reaches towards the deck, lifting half of the deck of the table. Right where he has cut, a card shoots from the deck, spinning across the table. It is turned over and revealed to be the selected card!

With additional idea’s from an up and coming name in magic, Nathan Hickey. Including Studio shot HD Photos, foreword by Jamie Daws and beautifully designed by Screw Loose Productions.