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FREE shipping for orders over £40

Shock Twist by Gary Jones

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The magic trick is incredibly simple and VISUAL... Just the way a card magic trick should be!


Four blue backed playing cards are shown. You just hold the cards and one by one they each turn face up. Just as your spectators react, you hit them with something even more impossible! They have been looking at the playing cards as they slowly turn face  up, yet with a snap of your fingers the backs change to multi coloured.


Having a quick and visual magic trick that you can perform anywhere is essential for every magician. You need something impressive, and most importantly it has to be visual, so you can do it anywhere.So many card magic tricks have complex stories or processes that will send spectators to sleep. Good card magic is direct, simple and full of eye candy!

Incredibly visual & stunning. Very easy to do. Instantly reset!

"This is one you just have to have... I promise you, you won't regret it!"
- Gary Jones and Magic Tao

"...the best packet trick ever"
- Chris Webb