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Shhh - Tarot Mentalism by Simon J. Lea - INSTANT DOWNLOAD


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This magic trick looks just like

a real tarot card reading.

This is not the usual 'magic trick' presentation. It Shhh has the feel and look of the real thing. To your spectator, there's no way that you, the reader, could possibly know what they have chosen. Yet you can reveal to them the impressions you get from the deck in detail - You discuss with them, everything the tarot is telling you - and then ultimately reveal their card.  

Just how you reveal their card is your choice. Are you reading their mind, seeing images of their card in their thoughts or is the tarot deck itself is drawing you towards their card? Perhaps there is a perfectly rational psychological explanation of how you discovered their card - how you use present this, is up to you!

No forces
Ungimmicked tarot deck - can be borrowed
No sleight of hand
No 'mathematical' systems - no "is your card in this pile?" questioning
No pumping or questioning at all
Natural moves - no 'card trick' style handling
Can be repeated with a different outcome every time
Easy to learn and perform

    Included in the eBook are 3 presentations but you will undoubtedly dream up many more once you've learned the technique.