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FREE shipping for orders over £40

Ultimate Sharpie Holder by Matt G



If you use sharpie pens when you perform.. You need one of the most popular accessory device used by professional magicians 
Whilst it was initially designed for Double Cross here are a few gimmicks we are aware performers are using the Ultimate Sharpie Holder for -
Double Cross - Magic Smith
Super Sharpie - Magic Smith
Captive by Jimmy Strange
Fall - Banachek (Keeps the pen in ready to immediately remove and perform position)
Mental Pen - Joao Miranda (Allows the performer to have the pen upright with gimmick loaded and the cap loosely placed on top)
Coinvexed - David Penn (Pen is held upright in the holder to allow immediate locate the sharpie without needing to access the pocket)
"The main reason that I ordered one is so I can find my gaffed Sharpie's easily inside my jacket pocket without fumbling and by feel alone." - Jared
When designing the holderm Matt needed the performers actions to look as natural as possible to load and unload a stamper pen and indeed when removing the pen so we had the pen sunk down so only a couple of centimetres sit above the pocket line.
For Sharpies like Double Cross,, With the black putty/sticky stuff always getting on my other gimmicks in the pocket it also became a concern for me that we had to keep it away from the performers shirt so the USH clip acts as a barrier keeping the distance between the shirt and the putty/sticky stuff.
When removing the stamper there is ink residue around the top of the pen that will be pushed against your shirt. USH protects you from that.