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FREE shipping for orders over £40

Shadow Zone by Peter Duffie - INSTANT DOWNLOAD


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Very Easy to Do! 
Only One Minute of Preparation.

The magician displays a small pay envelope with a large hole cut through the center. Four Jacks are introduced and placed on the table. A card is freely selected and signed. This is also placed on the table.

The selected card is placed between the two red jacks and the two black jacks are placed into the envelope. You clearly see both jacks in the envelope. A stapler is introduced and the two black jacks are stapled together through the hole in the envelope.

The red jacks are displayed with the selected card between them. The magician attempts to make the selection disappear but fails every time. The selected card is turned over. It is now a black jack! The cards are removed from the envelope and the selection is now stapled to the other black jack!

The routine is fully explained in PDF format accompanied by more than 20 colour photographs!