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Serendipity by Cris Johnson mixed media - INSTANT DOWNLOAD


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Turn Your Volunteers into Mind Readers with NO Expensive or Electronic Props... (And save $360.99 compared to more expensive options)

Good performers know that making your audience members the stars of the show is the best way to impress your client.

Mentalists know that routines where the audience members do the mind reading are most memorable.

If you want a sure-fire routine your audiences will remember for years, you need Serendipity.

Here's a bare-bones description of the routine:

Two art easels are on opposite sides of the stage. Each has a large drawing pad on it.

The performer tells the audience he's going to try an experiment in serendipity, or strange coincidences. He asks an audience member to pass out slips of paper and pencils. Audience members are asked to write down simple objects that could be drawn.

He then calls two spectators on stage. One is designated the sender. She will select one of the audience members' slips and draw it. The other onstage volunteer is the Receiver. The performer tells the Receiver she will 'free associate' on a drawing pad. Demonstrating, the performer scribbles all over one pad.

The performer gathers the slips and has the sender select one.

Both the sender and receiver stand behind their respective easels with the drawing pads facing them. The performer blindfolds the Receiver to prevent her from catching a glimpse of the sender's slip or drawing pad.

After blindfolding the receiver, the performer asks the sender to look at her slip and confirm there is something written that can be drawn. Both spectators are handed Sharpie markers and then asked to begin drawing.

When they are finished, both are asked to sign their names at the bottom of their respective drawings.

The receiver is unblindfolded and both spectators take center stage.

The performer turns the sender's easel around to face the audience, revealing her drawing. (Let's say it's a motorcycle.)

The performer then turns around the receiver's easel and pad. Her scribbled 'drawing' unmistakably resembles the sender's object!

Here are the important points to consider:
  • NO pre show
  • NO instant stooging
  • NO 'cueing' of any kind
  • NO electronics
  • NO magic store/website props of any kind
  • NO complicated sleight of hand
  • NO sleight of hand of any kind
  • NO impression devices
  • NO dual reality
  • NO chemicals
  • NO 'hard to find' replacement materials
Serendipity works every time with a bullet-proof method you'll feel secure using in every show.

And the best part? It easily and reliably replicates the exact same effect as other more expensive (yet risky) options.

Serendipity uses simple, effective, and proven mentalism techniques. If you're looking for some fancy, newfangled method, this release is NOT for you.

However, if you perform professionally, you know how important reliable, bomb-proof methods are. When I perform, I'm getting paid. It's how I pay my mortgage every month.

I recently had a Zoom 'pow wow' session with Paul Romhany, editor of VANISH magazine. Paul is one of the most creative guys I know. I trust his opinion above anyone else.

When I told him about Serendipity, he exclaimed, "That's brilliant! I could think of mechanical ways to do the effect, but if I was doing this for real audiences, I'd use yours. It's simple and guaranteed to work every time."

In other words, Paul knows the value of proven techniques that get the job done.

Plus, Cody Fisher contributed some brilliant suggestions and psychological ploys to elevate Serendipity to miracle-level.

Serendipity relies on a few simple ideas, executed with perfect motivation.

And since this is a download, you can rest easy that you won't need any expensive magic props or secret devices.

You could fly to a gig a thousand miles away, get off the plane, go to a Staples or Office Depot, and grab everything you need.

Best of all, Serendipity does something a lot of mentalism fails to do. It provides a dramatic visual component.

It's clean, direct, and easily understood.

What You Get with Your Purchase of Serendipity:

Different people learn best in different ways. People are wired differently. And to help facilitate everyone learning this routine, I've provided information in written, video, and audio form.

Here's what you receive with your purchase:
  • 9 videos detailing everything you need to know to perform Serendipity.
I deliberately made every video separate. I hate having to scroll through an hour-long video looking for a key piece of info. Each video is individually labeled, making learning this routine easy and fun.

There are videos detailing:
  • Setup
  • What you need for the routine
  • Alternate ideas
  • 2 live performances
  • and more.
The explanation videos were shot in my loft above my garage. I used two studio lights (the same ones I used for my virtual shows during the height of the pandemic). I also mic'd myself so my voice is crystal clear.

These are not L&L professional videos, but you can see and hear everything you need clearly.

You also receive footage from two performances of Serendipity. One is for an adult group of 50 people at a luncheon. Their reactions are priceless!

The second show is in front of around 200 middle school students. As I turn the matching drawing around, you can hear them say, "No way!" So Serendipity even plays well for the most discerning audiences.
  • A thoroughly written manuscript that outlines the routine, setup
I included photos when necessary to aid your learning. The written material is well-organized and doesn't include my trademark rambling that I sometimes do when shooting videos.
  • A 55-minute mp3 where I walk you through the same points as the written material and the videos.
Answers to Some of Your Most Pressing Questions:

Q: Is Serendipity hard to do?
A: Nope. To quote the late, great Harry Anderson, this release is "cocktail proof." It's so easy to do that you can fully concentrate on performing.

Q: You described a scribbled drawing. Can the Receiver's drawing perfectly match the sender's instead?
A: Yes, but I don't recommend it. To me, this crosses over into 'too perfect' territory. But you can have the spectator perfectly replicate the sender's drawing if you wish.

Q: Is there any limit to what the receiver can draw?
A: Technically, no. The spectator may be seen to replicate virtually anything.

Q: Is the receiver 'in on it?'
A: No.

Q: Do you meet with the receiver before the show?
A: No. I never use preshow. I go into every stage performance ice-cold. I don't know who the sender or receiver will be until I'm on stage and I select them.

Q: Do you have to put a stupid cardboard box on the Receiver's head like in other similar releases?
A: No. To me, that belittles your volunteer.

Imagine Your Next Gig...The Audience Gasping in Amazement and Showering You with Applause

Serendipity can be a game-changer for you. Unlike other, more expensive methods, Serendipity is 100% reliable. You never have to worry about technology failing.

If you want a sure-fire method that your audiences will be talking about weeks later, Serendipity is your answer.