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The ability to read a persons mind is a power we all dream could be possible; in the art of mentalism, we learn how to achieve this in an entertaining sort of way. Erick has a creative knack for putting together unique effects that literally captivate audience's imagination. The routines in Scattered Thoughts are collectively some of Erick's finest creations to date if you ever wondered how it would really be like to read another persons mind these routines could bring you a step even closer!




Coincidence with ESP  

The performer has three or more  people freely think of a card and he writes onto a pad the correct selections 100% every time. The conditions are completely fair, with absolutely nothing to find.


The performer asks a spectator to participate in attempt  to communicate with the dead, the spectator is asked to bring fourth her palm keeping it outstretched. Suddenly the spectator actually notices a creepy little bug appear in their palm; it is moving and crawling right before them.


A finger ring is seen to be visually taken off and held in  the performers hand with even a person from the audience holding onto his wrist, as the performer opens his hand it's shown to have apparently vanished. When in reality it has never actually left his finger, it is a truly strange occurrence.


The performer proposes an imaginary game of  BLACKJACK stakes is high though because a sealed prediction is kept in full view the entire time. The cards are freely chosen, as the envelope is open showing a prediction matching the volunteer's selection.


The performer has a spectator think of a few  names of people such as friends, or relatives while having them concentrate on just one person that is most colorful in mind. This despite being a difficult challenge is still accurately revealed as to be the selected person thought of by his spectator.


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1st edition 2007; 33 pages 

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