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For Many years, the "Haunted Deck" effect has been favored and loved by all magicians. The old methods to create this fantastic effect were fiddly and sometimes tricky to perform easily. As of late, Brand new versions of it have been released, however, all have used a gimmick that would have to be carried with you. But what if? What if you had the effect on you all the time as long as you carried a deck of cards? What if there was no gimmick in your deck to begin with? What if you brought S.C-A.R-E.D by Jamie Daws?

Effect: You tell the story of when you and your friends were young, up on a hill was an old haunted house. However, this never S.C-A.R-E.D you because you had a haunted deck. The haunted deck would help you when you went Trick or Treating at Halloween. The haunted deck would tell you which house had the most candy. You use the deck to reveal a thought of card that you could have never known. The only way to have known it, was the spirits in the deck. You remove the card from your deck and explain the sometimes your deck would move on it's own. You place the card inside the deck and place the deck on the table. you rest your hand to the side of the deck and the deck mysteriously begins to cut itself! The card that the deck cut at is removed and it is in fact the selected card! Incredible!

No Strings or wires!

No Magnets!

No Glue, Tape or Scissors!

No Crimps!

Easy to do!

Nothing Added or Taken From the Deck!

Start Completely Clean with NO Gimmicks in your deck!





In the PDF include:


Basic set up and handling

How to set up during performance

Accompanying Script

Advanced handlings including:

Advanced set up and handling

A Practically hands of approach to using S.C-A.R-E.D

Detailed Photographs to Guide you through

And lot's more....


You also get free access to the private owners ideas forum for SCARED at




"Very nice! A sound ‘on the fly' method for a classic effect." - David Forrest


"This is really, really terrific! I'll be honest, I've never done a Haunted Deck effect before. Don't like IT and didn't want to work with a gimmicked deck. But this is so practical. You really can have the special something in the deck, or in the card case, and not have to worry about anything. You're ready to go whenever.

Two thumbs way, way up!" - Cameron Francis


 "......I must say. I have it. I use it and I find it a fantastic method!

Have a peek you will not be disapointed!" - Alan Rorrison


"This a clever and creative solution to this classic plot in magic. I love it!"  - Peter Eggink


"Jamie also kindly sent me over a pre release copy of the manuscript. Having worked with Jamie on my own release, and having many conversations regarding routines and ideas I knew that Jamie wouldn't dissapoint.

The PDF is one of the most professional looking ones I've seen in the magic community. You can tell a lot of effort has gone into the lay out to make it easy to read. The pictures are crystal clear....

....Having spent today performing this routine to strangers the reactions have been amazing. I had one girl scream and drop the cards when I performed it in her hands.

....This is ideal for table hoping or walk around. A table, a pair of flat palms, even on the ground, there are no restrictions.

....You won't be dissapointed and you will quickly find this routine fitting into your arsenal.

....I highly recomend this, as it's cheap and you can even do it with a borrowed deck with a bit of caution. All you need is a deck of cards. I'm not just saying this because Jamie is a friend, but this is 10/10."  - Kit Felgate


 Effect 10/10- The effect is very well thought out and seems to be well researched. There are numerous handlings in the PDF and are all practical for everyday use, which leads me to my next subject.

Practicality 10/10- This effect is IMPROMPTU. The "set-up" is all done infront of the spectator in the form of a routine. The deck can be borrowed from the spectators on that special occasion that someone asks. There is an advanced handling which requires about 30 seconds to make which for me, is not long at all for a trick like this. There is also another version with a ghost, this requres 15-20 second setup.

PDF 8/10- The PDF is very well constructed with detailed instructions and photos to help guide you through.

Routines 9/10- The routines are very well thought out but there are not to many, leaving room for you to create your own.

Overall I give this effect a 9.5/10...When this comes out, I highly recommend looking into it! - Nico Zottos


This is REALLY AMAZING. I have recently got this, and all the claims made in the ad, and all the comments made by others are 100% true. Like some others, I have never performed haunted pack, due to their methods being too "gimmicked". That being said, Jamie's handling eliminates the drawbacks on other traditional methods available on the market, and his handling, which is very easy and practical, allows you to focus on the presentational aspects of the effect.

If you haven't performed haunted deck tricks because of their "gimmickedness", this is THE product that you should get.

9/10 is my overall rating of this absolutely excellent product. (after all, nothing's perfect) - Thomas Kwon