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Santa Plays Hide and Seek

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"Santa Claus Plays Hide and Seek" is perfect for children: it combine two classic routines: the "Die Box" and "Run Run Rabbit". It's participative, funny and full of twists and turns. We have created a modular, adaptable structure. On it, you can adapt the perfect trick for Christmas: "Santa Plays Hide and Seek!

You show a Christmas decor, the very place where Santa's house is located. You then open the house and we discover Santa Claus smiling with his bag full of gifts. "Santa is already with his bag full of gifts to distribute".

"By the way, do you know why no one has never ever seen Santa Claus when he gives out the gift ?
This is because as soon as it enters a chimney it becomes invisible. I know it's hard to believe, but it's called Christmas Magic! Let me show you"

You then show a set made up of two "chimney" doors. You open a door and you insert Santa Claus. Close the door and presto, Santa Claus is gone!

Tilt the whole sometimes to the left, sometimes to the right and although the two compartments are separated, Santa Claus magically walks from one compartment to another; you can even hear it sliding inside the box!

Despite your audience's best efforts to locate him, Santa Claus never ends up in the right compartment!

Finally, Santa Claus completely disappears: you open both doors at the same time and the box is empty! He's gone! "But of course, Santa is not really gone because he has to do his Christmas tour!"

Then you come back to the first setting, being convinced that Santa is there but... it's empty!

When suddenly, from it, Santa Claus rises! Your audience will tell you, but when you watch it disappears again and the house is empty!

You repeat this game again and again and finally, you manage to find it!
  • The whole secret lies in the specials frames. It's very easy to do
  • Direct printing on the material - no sticker!
  • Dimensions of the chimney stand: 44cm x 24cm approximately
  • Size of the decor: 24cm x 22cm approximately
  • Santa Claus: 15cm approximately
You will receive:

- The two magnetizable structures
- "CHRISTMAS" magnetic facades and accessories
- The decorations are placed on the structure with super powerful magnets.

Made in France