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FREE shipping for orders over £40

Run Playing Cards: Bankroll Edition (Uncut Sheet)



These are pure Run Playing Card DNA, in true uncut form, hot off of the US Playing card production floor before they are cut and boxed. The Run Playing Cards took you to the gambling underworld, where the sharkiest of card handlers swoop in to claim their victories, then slip out before anyone knows what hit them. Here's your chance to be the proud owner of the raw, authentic soul of the Run Playing cards - uncut and unhandled - in its purest form.

Not only a great gift for any collector, but an ultimate collector's item to be a part of the actual process that goes into making the very decks you'll own. A behind the scenes souvenir and piece of rare art that looks awesome on your wall.

NOTE:  The Run Bankroll Edition Cards themselves are only available as promotional units, take advantage of this opportunity to be one of the few that have the EXTREMELY LIMITED uncut sheets.