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Ripped Apart - The Automatic Imagination Model - Anthony Jacquin - Audio Book MP3)


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On this audio, Anthony Jacquin and Kev Sheldrake of Head Hacking explore models of hypnosis, discuss the science and present their own prospective model.

Through researching the many contemporary scientific views, classic experiments and aspects of neuroscience, Anthony and Kev embarked on a journey that led them to what appears to be their own breakthrough. Preliminary testing of their draft Automatic Imagination Model has been positive, allowing those who previously presented with low responsiveness to experience the full range of hypnotic phenomena including amnesia and hallucinations.

Presented as a conversation between Anthony and Kev, this eighty minute audio product is packed with content. If you are interested in learning more about how hypnosis might work as opposed to just using it, then Ripped Apart will certainly provide some food for thought.

While further research is planned, this audio will provide an insight into their current thinking and their new approach to hypnosis. It will broaden the mind of all hypnotists and is an excellent succession to Reality is Plastic, The Manchurian Approach and The Trilby Connection.

Head Hacking is absolutely the cutting edge in hypnosis research and development. When Anthony is finished, "Hypnosis" will be an obsolete term! He and his crew have broken the models and discovered pure essence! 
- Docc Hilford