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'Ripped & Repaired plus five other strange occurrences'

"Ripped and Repaired is a stroke of genius, I love it!"
Ben Harris.



'Ripped & Repaired' contains 30 professionally designed pages of material. Every effect is described in great detail including in depth descriptions of any moves or sleights that may be required and over 60 photographs illustrating the text where required.

A corner is cleanly and fairly torn off a selected card. (It really is!) The magician claims that he can restore this card to its former glory with the aid of a very special and ancient and magic-endowed instrument of necromancy. The spectators clutch their handbags to their faces and peek through the gaps in their fingers. The magician goes to his pocket and produces.......a stapler! He talks half the audience out of leaving before re-attaching the torn corner with the stapler. The "restored" card is signed by the spectator as proof that this miracle was witnessed by human eyes. A man in the back row cocks the hammer on a large handgun, a woman in the front is picturing the magi with an axe in his liver....before things turn violent he gathers everyone around close and with a gentle rub (ooh!) he visually heals the torn corner and hands out the card for inspection, there is nothing to find, just the two staples which once held the card together.

'Ripped & Repaired' also contains five bonus effects!

Twirl and Shout - A card on the table from before the trick began transforms into the signed card.

Dear Diary - A pocket diary is used to reveal a signed card, far too strange to be a coincidence.

Take Note - A prediction written in a notepad visibly changes to a signed selection as it is torn from the pad.

Signature Piece - A signed two card transpo with a difference. This blows people away.

Boxing Clever - A signed card to matchbox where the simple gimmick does all the work.

"Ripped & Repaired is a stroke of genius, I love it!"
Ben Harris - author of 'Quarks & Quirks' and creator of' Cosmosis', 'Hoodwink' and 'Bikin''

"Easy to do and entertaining, this is a fun piece to perform and reactions are great!"
Shane -


By Online-Visions

In a Blink: 10 Out of 10

As its title indicates, this manuscript features a variation on the time-honored "Torn and Restored" card plot which is completely novel and very ingenious. Just when I thought that I had seen the last twist on T&R, the author applied his creativity to yield something entirely different (using staples to "restore" the card) in a playful routine that engages the audience and leads the spectators to a climax that is entirely fresh (the staples are still present on the actually restored card). This alone would warrant the price, but Mr. Forrest felt that he should give the potential buyer more for her money by adding what he calls "Bonus Material". Thus the "Five Other Strange Occurrences" which are:

  • "Twirl and Shout";
    "Dear Diary";
    "Take Note";
    "Signature Piece";
    "Boxing Clever".

I shall not review the above for brevity's sake and would rather direct the reader to the "Bonus Material" section at for those. Allow me to state from personal experience that the short descriptions on this Web page are accurate and not hyped. These effects are not "filler" material; they are carefully crafted and exquisitely explained, as is "Ripped & Repaired".

Before going into more specific points, I must mention that Mr. Forrest is an excellent, even gifted writer. In introducing and explaining the effects, he offers personal thoughts about how he came to develop and refine them, commenting on psychological aspects as the descriptions go on. These remarks offer some insight into how a creator's mind works in developing effects and routines - a welcome addition that should not be overlooked.

Furthermore, the author writes in a very personal style, which gives this reviewer the impression of virtually having spent face-to-face time with Mr. Forrest, rather than having been handed an IKEA® assembly instructions manual.

This personal trait is present throughout the 30-page manuscript, not just in the introductions. Explanations and reasons are given for just about every step, and due consideration is given to psychology, blocking, misdirection, patter, etc. This should be the theoretical norm for manuscripts. However, few authors achieve it - and using a congenial tone at that. Kudos.

If you think that I have exhausted my supply of praise, please consider this: Mr. Forrest offers succinct, yet complete explanations for well-known moves such as the Riffle Force, to name but one. This should give the potential buyer a measure of the thoroughness that characterizes this work. Credits are given whenever they are reasonably traceable; no fault here.

In this reviewer's opinion, "Ripped & Repaired Plus Five Other Strange Occurrences" has it all. The main effect, R&R alone, is well worth the very, very low price. You also get five extra routines that are strong and different in effect from the "standards" and, even then, what I call "standards" may likely be new to typical audiences.

Verdict: R&R is an astonishing piece that is at once fun to perform and also gets very positive reactions (a vast understatement) from audiences, as witnessed by this reviewer. Much the same can be said for the five additional effects which should certainly not be underestimated, though - full disclosure - I did not get the chance to perform "Boxing Clever" in front of an audience as I did the others. The price is way below what the product is worth, however you measure it. Recommended.

Material: 10
"Ripped & Repaired" stands on its own as a masterful variation on the "Torn and Restored" theme. This is solid, commercial material which drew much applause and wonderment when I performed it for live audiences. The jaw-dropping index ranked right up there in the company of more elaborate routines in my repertoire. The four additional effects which I performed were also very well received without having to break a knuckle to get very positive reactions, owing to the care that Mr. Forrest put in devising the routines - and I had fun performing all of them! Top notch.

Quality: 10
The 30-page e-book is exceptionally well written and this statement comes from a hard-to-please reviewer. There are minor grammatical errors which are dwarfed by the extremely detailed instructions and overall layout (choice of typefaces, headers and footers, etc.; we're talking real desktop publishing here). Ridding the manuscript from said grammatical errors in a future version by securing the services of a very picky proofreader would fairly net this product a score of 11 in this category.

Illustrations: 10
The 60 photographs are absolutely impeccable with regard to quality, quantity, clarity, and judicious placement within the text. Perfect.

Presentation: 10
Flawless. Everything is clearly the product of a very thorough creator who provides solid and tested guidance in all aspects of presentational issues. The prospective buyer will not be left in a haze of uncertainty as is often the case with dry, "clinical" instructions which do not address how an effect should be presented.

Originality: 10
Most if not all six effects have been done in some fashion before - but not this way. Mr. Forrest's R&R routine alone is so different and so well thought out that it qualifies as a truly original effect. The five additional tricks bear a similar mark with regard to improving on the known by means of using simpler, yet more effective methods. That's original.



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