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Ringtone by Mitchell Kettlewell


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The spectator thinks of a song from a list of songs (the list can be however big the performer so wishes - even from the spectators phone).

The magician then begins to reveal details about the artist and song but fails to get the song. The spectator calls the magicians phone and they  are asked to believe that the ringtone is in fact the song - even though it is clearly the standard ringtone. The ringtone then morphs Into the selected song! To finish the routine, the magician reveals something else that the spectator is thinking of!

No gimmicks
Works 100% of the time
Simple to perform
Extremely Hard hitting
No apps or accomplices
No instant stooging
The spectator can change their mind of the song to use.
Can be done with the spectators phone (changing their ringtone)!*

"Thats great man, I like it.... I really enjoyed it and it kinda brings RadioActive to the modern age" - Titanas


Ringtone with a spectators phone

100% sure fire way of forcing a spectator to change their mind on what they think of.

Additional techniques using a phone to use within the routine (can also be used in your own routines that you may already perform - photo revelations, name divination, song divination etc...)

Additional ideas (ringtone with a spectators phone, other routines using ringtone's techniques)

"Mitchell's ringtone packs small and plays huge!  Beautifully constructed, each phase building toward an unexpected kicker. I highly recommend checking this effect out!
If you love mobile mentalism this is for you." - Peter Turner

"A really well thought out routine with an in depth explanation covering everything, it shows you have been working hard on this for a while and is something you know inside out.  Thank you so much Mitchell for sharing this with me, I love a good phone effect and this was a great one. I would definitely recommend it to anyone." - Myke Phillips

"Routine is a fun snappy effect and very modern great job" - Kieron Johnson

*spectator's ringtone changing requires a small gimmick that is easily obtained.