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RhymeTime Sublime - By Dr Bill Cushman - INSTANT DOWNLOAD


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Genesis: In the beginning there was Mick Ayres' award winning RhymeTime.

In 2002, Mick Ayre’s won a Linking Ring Award for Mentalism from the International Brotherhood of Magicians for his effect RhymeTime:

'You openly display a list of common words. A guest is asked to mentally choose any word and then to create a word in her mind that rhymes with her selection. Without hesitation you name the word she just created in her mind! You may repeat RhymeTime immediately with another guest and reveal a completely different word.'
At the end (of his wonderful manuscript), Mick wrote: “I feel RhymeTime offers a whole new method that has yet to be fully exploited. Please feel free to play with this concept and consider other applications for it within the world of mentalism.”

Now imagine being able to perform the same effect BUT with any borrowed reading material! Dr. Bill took Mick up on his offer and wove his method into an easy and extremely deceptive book-test.

And completely impromptu! Use any book, newspaper or magazine. Use the back of a cereal box!


Here is what Mick Ayre’s has to say about RhymeTime Sublime:

"Good news! Dr. Bill has exploited the RhymeTime principle to create an impromptu, gimmick-free book or magazine test. With my permission (and endorsement), Bill has created a presentation that raises the bar considerably."
From Jim Callahan:
“Your presentation is truly great and an incredible application of the RhymeTime principal. I wish my brain had come up with it.”
From Rich Hennessey:
"Dr.Bill’s evolution of Mick Ayres’ wonderful “RhymeTime” principle pens a plethora of possible presentations that any performer should appreciate....since it can incorporate nearly anything 'written'. I perform in for me, using a restaurant menu for the good doctor's “RhymeTime Sublime”...immediately came to mind...very nice Dr. Bill."
From Ron Martin:
“This method is completely new to me. I can see how it could cause a participant’s logical, rational train of thought to leave the tracks for a moment. Impromptu, gimmick-free routines like RhymeTime Sublime are very rare, indeed Dr. Bill’s addition reminds me of a mental pickpocket who is pocket putting... I am sure that this will fly completely under the radar. I can’t wait to see the reactions I get!”

1st edition 2009; 12 pages.