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Repertoire - By Ben Williams - INSTANT DOWNLOAD


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This is the first instalment of Ben Williams's repertoire series. The repertoire is exactly what it sounds like, his working repertoire. These are the effects that he uses all the time, they are practical and have a great impact on the spectators.
Here is a list of effects and descriptions:


The pips from a selected card appear in a burst of flames, leaving the spectator's card heartless.

D.B.I.B. - This is an invisible/brainwave type effect in which any named card is shown to have a different coloured back to the rest of the deck. No Rough and Smooth.

IMITATE 1.0 - 1.2 - 1.3 - These are a selection of transposition effects between a coin and a piece of a spectator's selected card.

YOUR CARD MY MOUTH - My take on the card to mouth plot with a twist. With built-in misdirection for the load making it w winner for every situation.

STEAL - This is my handling on an old use of a card box. Allowing for an extremely fair selection and shuffling process where the spectator does 99% of the handling of the cards and an equally fair replacement into the card box yet at any moment you can steal the card into your possession, this opens up the doors for some iron clad test conditions handlings with maximum magic effect as a payoff.

I DUB THEE - This is one of the best mentalism effects I perform with cards. A spectator writes down the name of someone close to them and someone else selects a card. Inside your wallet you have an envelope, inside that is a single playing card with a different back design to the deck you are working with. It is the spectator's selected card, on the back of the card there is a name written, the freely thought of name.

I DUB THEE MENTAL - This is my handling for I Dub Thee that doesn't require a deck of playing cards, this is a routine of principles that culminates in a prediction being found in your wallet with a freely chosen item and name predicted. I have lots of ideas to make this a truly memorable and AMAZINGLY ACCURATE prediction.

WATCH MY PREDICTIONS - In this routine you manage to predict a spectator's selection and to prove it you show you had a corner from a duplicate selection taped to the back of your watch-face. When asked if you can repeat this feat a second selection is selected and again you prove it to be taped to the back of your watch-face. Of course this is 100% examinable the tape won't peel off.

YOUR CARD - This effect is as direct as it is amazing for lay people. It is a commercial piece of magic that is perfect for customizing to any situation. A selected card is signed and replaced in the centre of the deck. Some words are written on a piece of paper which is lit and bursts into flames. The deck is spread and one card has changed colour and has the same words written across its back in big black letters. It is turned over and it is the signed card.

CHAIN 1.0 - 1.2 - This is a signed linking card effect. Two cards are selected and signed, these can be free selections. These have the centres torn from them and they are linked together. This isn't an illusion of a link, they are linked like a chainlink. These are unlinked and the card rings can be handed out and inspected or even kept by the spectator. Chain 1.2 is the same effects but the signatures on both cards are seen before, during and after the effect occurs.

These are direct routines that you don't need to be a master card worker to pull off, but they are strong routines in any layperson's eyes.

This is a first-class ebook with lots of variety. Heartless and your card-my mouth are my favourites. Well done Ben.

John Carey



 Real worker's material, Ben. Terrific stuff! VERY GOOD! 

- Cameron Francis 


Repertoire Vol 1 is, in light of every instant download book on the net, one of the best I have come across. Never before in my experience of books have I ever not wanted it to end like I did with Repertoire. As I approached the end of the book, I had that sinking feeling and literally said out load, wow. The ideas in this book are just simple, direct and clever. An effect for pretty much every person for any occasion and for those of you that are "Flash Paper Lovers", you'll get a special kick out of this one. Ben's an incredibly clever guy and this has got to be the best examples of a man who lives and breaths magic. I absolutely can't wait until Vol 2 comes out and can say that I feel like a crack addict, I just - Want - MORE! Stunning job Ben!

- Jamie Daws - Creator of S.C.A.R.E.D. and Gathering

This is a WICKED book. I can't wait to start playing with the effects in the real world, where they were designed for.

You can tell that this really is a collection of routines that Ben uses day in, day out and not some pipe dream collection of nothings.

Fantabulous tings!! Awesome job!

- Dee Christopher - Creator of Anate and Pieces at 3AM

It is a well-produced piece with nice photos and plenty of detail. Skimming over it, I see some nice concepts.

Looking forward to digging into it more thoroughly over the next couple of days...

- Kevin Reylek - The New York Magic Seminar

I first met Ben in Blackpool 2008, but was already a fan after purchasing his Re-labelled trick.

The more I read his PDF, the more I destroyed my own repertoire and replaced it with his....
He has a 33 page document, packed to the brim with amazing routines !!

First off, the design.
It is a way laid out urban styled design with clear paragraphs, big pictures, with sub-text explanations, which are easy to read.. and more importantly, easy to learn from.

I would explain every trick, what it is, and how much I love it, but I have already written that version of the review, and it was about as long as the PDF, and none of you would be patient enough to read it, before buying it.

But it has a massive 13 effects, and it only costs £10.
That's like 77p per trick......
It's a better deal than anything ever... I don't I have had anything as good in life for 77p.

Honestly, why are you still reading?.......most of you should be on your way to find your wallet right now.

For those of you who are not, ie ( You have Paypal instead ) .. continue on.

A lot of you will be eager to know how many of the routines I will actually use, mixed in with my own routine for paid performances.

So out of the PDF, I will use:

  Heartless - fo sho favourite effect
  Imitate 1.0
  Imitate 1.1
  Imitate 1.2
  Imitate 1.3
  Your card, my mouth
  I dub thee
  I dub thee mental
  Watch my predictions
  Your card
  Your card repeat
  Chain 1.0
  Chain 1.2

A lot of you with the ability to count will now realize that's the 13 effect trick list,
not the " what he will use list" ???
It's both!



- Geraint Clark - Creator of Devious

This ebook is filled with well thought out effects and I'm impressed with how well it is all put together.

Everyone has their own taste and based on my own, there are several effects that got my attention.

Heartless is the first effect and it is something that can be done in such a fair and open manner and if presented well can be a show piece in anyone set.

Steal is the fifth effect and is my personal favorite and as far as the card case idea goes, it has been around a very long time, but what impressed me, was the subtle touches and how Steal is put together from the selection, spectator truly shuffling the deck that does have their signed selection within and the fact, nothing else is used, but the deck and case, which is un-gimmicked and the logical and very simple display of the cased deck, which naturally drives home how open and fair everything is to the spectator.
I see the spectator coming to one conclusion on this...IMPOSSIBLE!

Two other effects that stand out to me is I Dub Thee and Your Card and anyone with a fair amount of knowledge can see how well thought out they are.

This is my first introduction to Ben's work and I found it to be very well thought out and his comments and tips on the effects make this a well put together e-book and I was consistently impressed with the thinking.

- Steve Haynes - Creator of The Casanova Concept


Repertoire Volume 1 is a fantastic PDF manuscript by Ben Williams. I had the pleasure of receiving mine free, but I would have gladly paid the generous price of $20.

Ben provides a variety of unique, creative concepts that are easily applicable to any routine. Every effect is clean, simple, and hard-hitting. The PDF is 33 pages long and contains color photographs to go along with the written explanations.
Everything is easy to understand and to-the-point.

Heartless: 10/10

This is a wonderful little effect that plays big. It is visually stunning and the use of flash paper makes it a real shocker! In addition, it is fairly simple to perform and Ben includes some nice subtleties and variations.

DBIB: 9/10

This is a nice “Invisible Deck” type routine. It is extremely easy to perform and gets great reactions. Period.

Imitate 1.0, 1.2, 1.3: 7/10

Ben is very creative and offers three versions, all of which are both interesting and visual. Not my favorite effect in the manuscript, but still worthy of a good rating.

Your Card My Mouth: 9/10

A great take on the classic “Card to Mouth” effect. I enjoy performing it because every move is simple and justified. It’s a real kicker at the end when the first spectator’s signature appears on the other spectator’s card!

Steal: 10/10

I really like this because it allows the magician to cleanly and deceptively steal a selected, signed card. It’s more of a move than a single trick, and it offers endless possibilities for card transposition effects.

I Dub Thee/I Dub Thee Mental: 11/10

This is, quite simply, one of the best mentalism effects I have ever come across. It is so easy to perform and, as with all of Ben’s routines, every move is justified. The reactions from this are priceless.

Watch My Predictions: 8/10

Nothing revolutionary here, but a powerful effect nonetheless. A nice display of a simple card trick mixed with some of Ben’s creativity!

Your Card/Your Card Repeat: 9/10
This is a strong piece of magic that is sure to get great reactions. It is simple and direct, and its use of flash paper really increases the “wow factor.” Very fun to perform.

Chain 1.0, 1.2: 8/10

I’m not one for linking card effects, but Chain is a well-thought-out routine that isn’t difficult to perform. If you’re into this type of trick, I am sure you’ll love it!

Overall, this is a wonderful manuscript with an abundance of fresh routines and ideas. There is something in here for everyone so it is definitely worth the minimal investment. You won’t be disappointed.

- Daniel Lachman - Creator of Compression


All the material in here is usable and I performed some of them for the first time yesterday to some neighbours.

I won't go into the descriptions of the effects since Ben already did that, but I will tell you my favourites, least favourites, and also the ones that I performed.

Performed yesterday, and the look of WOW, that was awesome came across the spectator's always invokes that feeling!

I also performed this yesterday, and the look on the kid's face was priceless.

I haven’t performed this, but read it through and it is a good piece of magic!
Not my favourite effect on here though!

Performed this yesterday, and as with any card to mouth, reactions were strong!

Possibly the strongest reaction obtained!
MY favourite effect from the e-book!

I did not perform WATCH MY PREDICTIONS yet, or CHAIN.

I like CHAIN a lot........10/10...I need to go through it, and practice.

All in all, this is a great e-book, and well worth the asking price!

Ben you have a winner on your hands, and cant wait till the next one!


- Alex (BMW Guy) - The Magic Cafe



I must say this book had a lot to give. There were a lot of new ideas and some extremely clever aspects of some effects. I cant wait to go out and try some of these at my next gig.

- Bernardo Rodriguez 


I want to first start off by saying thank you for the book... I was one of the lucky winners and after reading it and trying out a couple I must say I have received a lot of great reactions from some of this stuff.

I performed this recently and it has given a huge impact on people. I was very impressed with the simplicity of the effect and I like tricks that involve fire so this one was a winner.

This one is great I performed this and the reactions were endless especially for the people who thought I had a trick deck.

I performed this one yesterday and it got a good reaction. It's not my favourite but it still has some unique aspects.

I have not performed this but it's definitely one of the best takes on a card to mouth plot that I have come across. I will have to try this one out soon.

I know this wasn’t a trick, but the move I have to say I love!! I have not seen a move that allows you to palm a card so impossibly.

This one is probably the strongest effect in the book. It gets a killer reaction! I think I'm going to have to use that one in my repertoire.

I have not performed this mainly because I do not wear watches, but it’s a pretty nice effect. Not my favourite but it was nice.

This is my favourite trick from the book. I performed this and it left everyone speechless.
11/10 yes 11

This is an amazing e-book and it is definitely worth the price he is asking for. With that said, "WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR?" I also want to say I am looking forward TO REPERTOIRE VOL. 2 & 3!

Thanks Again,

- Bernardo Rodriguez


First of all, I have not met Ben Williams although it could be cool one day to meet him so he could show me more of his stuff!! I promised to give a sincere and honest review so here it is, before anything I want to say that I have not performed these effects this is just an over-view of the e-book in it self. When I perform these effects, hopefully soon, I will tell you guys how it all goes out.

Initial Review:

So Repertoire Volume 1 is a collection of 10 effects of Mr Williams. The title page looks great, especially if you are into graffiti and stuff like that. There are 33 pages and 49 pictures although I’m almost sure I skipped one! Everything in here is considered for the intermediate magician. The author assumes you know forces and things like that which probably a good thing is because we don’t have to be skipping instructions etc. Everything is easily understandable and easy to follow along. Get some popcorn, get a drink, sit down where your computer is at and read along. I want to give you some advice, I want you to know that reading this review will be like reading a book in the bible, long, very very long. I suggest, if you have to, take breaks when reading this review! Now onto the effects:

Heartless -
It’s a cleverly structured routine. What’s so clever about this is that the spectator clearly sees the three of hearts will the pips intact and normal they see it go into the deck and all of a sudden after the paper is burned the pips appear there. The deck is looked back and the ONLY three of hearts is looked at in the deck without the three pips. There is some set-up and there is an optional sleight to be able to give the deck out for examination. I don’t think I would use this effect because of the flash paper involved and I don’t really like to use flash paper but magicians that like their routine with a little bit of fire will like this!

D.B.I.D. -
Nice routine, it has more of a brainwave rather than invisible deck feel to it. I believe to have seen something similar in the Gafftastic by Liam Montier DVD produced by Big Blind Media although I can’t quite remember and I don’t have the DVD with me, but I will look into it. Anyway, this uses a gaff which most magicians should have and if not, very easy to make/get. I like how this effect is just not limited to this. Ben gives the reader different ideas which could be used with a little thought. In the end the card is not examinable but Ben gives a really good idea to convince the spectator that it is one card. Not really much set-up as long as you have your gaff with you. Very easy to do and you will have this down in no time. There is again an optional sleight to have the deck examined but it is done totally in the off-beat. I will definitely be doing this.

IMITATE 1.0 - 1.2 - 1.3 (One effect and two handlings)

Imitate 1.0 -

This is very similar to Heartless in the way the effect is accomplished. The set-up is not really hard. I suggest you buy a “Compass cutter” to cut the hole so it looks more professional. There are two major moves in this effect and they are not hard. Deck is examinable. This is something that I definitely see myself doing. Although the only problem…. I don’t know if later the spectator is going to ask about the coin because the coin is not seen again, this is where handling 1.2 comes into play!

Imitate 1.1 -

The same thing except obviously the coin goes somewhere… to the card where the centre piece is taken off! This sounds good but the set-up will be a little tricky and you have to make the card almost perfect so the final revelation looks good. Again it has the same moves as in the first variation. Deck is examinable at the end. This is the best handling in my opinion.

Imitate 1.2 -
This variation is something I will not bother with. The deck in the end is examinable in the other variations so I don’t see the point in having the card signed. Plus the set-up is a little more time-consuming. However, the reader should give credit to Ben for being able to come up with handling of a signed card for those magicians that just need for a person to sign everything.

Your Card-My mouth -
That is essentially what happens. Looks like a very good routine. It is impromptu. There are some moves used to accomplish this effect that requires some practice to get down. The loading of the card in the mouth is really simple and casual, the spectator won’t notice a thing (if performed right!). The signature at the end appearing on the first card in my opinion is very nice. Nice routine but a little too sleight heavy for me. If you already do a card to mouth this one will probably not make you want to change your existing one.

Steal -

This is a really cool concept that has been used before I’m almost sure of it but thankfully Ben has explained it on here. There are tons of different ways to use it and Ben gives us some other ideas on how to use it. This is impromptu and any box works. Now the move itself is not hard at all but there is a knack to it, a bit like learning a colour change. Your angles are not bad at all but you don’t want people right behind you, that would ruin the effect!


Wow, this is a very strong routine. You obviously need a way of obtaining the information from the spectator, Ben says that he will teach a simple centre tear but I did not find it. He points out to some other sources that you can learn better ways to do it. There is a sleight set-up but you can get into it at any point in your routine. You need a special wallet if you want to perform the routine as stated in the description but thankfully Ben gives other ideas so you don’t need to use a wallet. Something I might use.

I Dub thee Mental -
I will not bother with this one. This is more for the mentalist than a magician. There is a lot more set-up than the original routine. It’s a good routine I guess for a mentalist but I’m just not into it so I don’t know if a mentalist would like it or not.

Watch my Predictions -
First, the very clever name! This is a very nice routine. What is said is what happens word-by-word. A little set-up but once you do it you are set to go again for some time. It is examinable at the end. You obviously need a watch for this effect. I will definitely be performing this one!

Your Card (With one extra handling) -
Cameron Francis has a similar effect. I think I saw it on Omega Mutation. Cameron’s plays out a little differently, A piece of paper with your card written on it is smashed onto the deck and when the paper is opened the words your card are not on the paper anymore and are at the back of the playing card selected. This one I consider it to be a step up to Cameron’s. (Sorry, Cameron if you are reading this) I like this one a lot. The author gives different ways of presenting it. There is a little set-up but no biggie and you can get into it at any point in your routine. I plan on using this.

Extra handling for Your Card
It is sort of like a Chicago opener type of effect with two climaxes. You start out as in the normal Chicago opener and then ends with the Your Card routine. This uses some flash paper to make the paper burn faster but you can probably use just any paper to burn. I like this one also!

CHAIN 1.1 -

It’s true. Both cards can be freely chosen but it is actually easier if it is not. As in almost every examinable card link there is a gaff involved. It is super simple to make and just requires two household items which you should have lying around. The moves are not hard really and it is very convincing and it looks great. The angles are not to bad, again you don’t want people behind you. I plan on making the gaff later today and start practising now.
Chain 1.2

CHAIN 1.2 -

The author claims that this is where Chain 1.1 left off but I really prefer the first handling. You will need to force one of the cards but there’s nothing wrong with that. You can only use some cards from a deck which is a weakness to the first routine but the cards can be signed so that is a plus. It looks really good if you want to cement the fact on your spectators mind that the cards were signed.

Well guys that’s pretty much it. I really congratulate you guys if you were able to read all that. That has probably been one of my longest reviews. Again guys I have not performed these effects before but I plan on doing it. After I perform I will get back to you guys and tell you how it all went and what got the most reactions etc.

The tricks in here I really like and I plan on performing at least half of them. Trust me guys you will not regret your decision when buying this set of tricks. Plus they are being sold for a low price! You cannot possibly go wrong. Can’t wait for Repertoire Volumes 2 and 3!
- Rpascual - The Magic Cafe