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FREE shipping for orders over £40

Remarkable (DVD and Gimmick) by Richard Sanders

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Turn a Sharpie Marker Pen into a Killer Magic Trick!



Remarkable by Richard Sanders isn't just a magic gimmick, it's a genuine Sharpie Marker pen ....MADE BY SHARPIE! 

What you can do with Remarkable:

Have two playing cards chosen by your victims spectators. Take out your Sharpie marker and show it's normal on both sides.

Wave the sharpie pen and the Sharpie logo instantly morphs into their chosen playing card.


Don't stop there! You need to 'put the boot in'.. Just wave the sharpie once more, and the second chosen playing card appears. The Sharpie marker is now no longer branded Sharpie at all! You now have a Sharpie marker that has been transformed by magic that the surviving spectators can examine until they weep!

As a magician, you carry a sharpie marker anyway, so why not do some powerful magic with it. It's the modern day version of a magicians wand!


Merchant of Magic Tip: When you reveal the second playing card  on the Sharpie, your spectators are going to freak. They will want to examine the pen in detail, and they CAN! If you alos perform Coinvexed 3 , this is a perfect misdirection point!


Remarkable gives you:
2 professional routines for your sharpie.
Fly on the wall Live video of Richard Sanders using Remarkable.
The special Remarkable Sharpies

Full tuition on DVD
How to show one or two playing cards.
How to reset Remarkable in an instant,
How to use Remarkable so it's totally examinable by your spectators


Try Remarkable for 30 days with no commitment!
You can order remarkable and put it to the test for 30 days. If you don't love it, simple return it to us for a full refund of the product price.