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Red Corner - By Rus Andrews - INSTANT DOWNLOAD


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 A signed torn cornered card that restores itself in a spectators pocket.

Rus Andrews teaches you his professional torn corner card trick that leaving the spectator with an impossible keepsake...

The ebook has a few different versions that can be performed depending on your style, and impromptu version and also a version where the corner can also be signed and still restore itself in the spectators pocket (Rus Andrews personal favourite).

No heavy sleight of hand required.


Ends clean

Sets of in seconds


'I just finished reading RED CORNER by Rus. This is a nicely written ebook containing 13 pages. I will say that I do not currently do a torn and restored corner on a card effect. Though, after reading this I will definitely give it a go! The ebook is well written and everything is explained in very good detail by Rus. Now- I think this is simplicity at it's best. In saying that- in my experience I have found some of the most simple methods to be some of the strongest hitters in magic. For me, RED CORNER falls in this category. The method is super simple, somewhat bold, but not so bold that it will scare you away from performing this effect. As a matter of fact, I am actually kind of excited to perform this.

Rus gives you a few different subtleties to add to the basic method that will make the whole routine stronger. For example, you can sign the torn corner and when the spectator removes the card from his/her pocket, the restored corner contains your signature or initials that you originally wrote on the corner.

Another point I really like is that from the spectators point of view, the card with the torn corner and the actual torn corner of the card is in full view up until the vanish. For me, this is a strong selling point of the routine for the audience and as Rus stated, 'Rules out any foul play in the spectators eyes".

There is very minimal set-up- might take you 1-2 seconds. Rus also goes over an impromptu version. Though- the set-up is so minimal it's almost pointless to do the impromptu version IMO.

All in all- I really like Red Corner. I like this because of the illusion it will create using a very simple method. I also love the fact that to the spectator, the torn card and corner are in view before the corner vanishes. A strong point IMO. Another great point- you start clean and end clean!!!
- Martin P


'I was really interested to see Rus's take on the torn and restored card. I was not disappointed. First, some of you who have trouble restoring the card in front of a spectator will love it. The kicker for Red Corner is that restoring it in the spectator's pocket is more powerful! It is simple and easy to perform --- but don't let that fool you. The key is the impact on the spectator --- and in this instance it is a home run. With out giving away the method, the secret is something that will not occur to the spectator. They will be baffled. Rus has some ingenious methods --- this is one. Get it.' - Brehaut


'I already tried it out for some co-workers and the reactions were off the charts. Bear in mind that I am a mentalist, so I thought I would show them some magic first, and this is easy enough to pull off, so I went ahead and went for it, and it went by great. I highly recommend Red Corner.' -
Alex Alejandro


'While I enjoy them immensely, I'm not by nature a cardician (the nature being my clumsy sleight-of-hand skills). I am, however, a big Rus Andrews fan for many reasons, not the least of which he comes out with effects I can actually do! But even if I couldn't, I would get his work just to enjoy his tremendous creativity. Red Corner has the anticipated infusion of that creativity and it's do-able, even for a klutz like me. Besides that it's a true spectator pleaser. Needless to say I highly recommend this.' - G Mister


Format : PDF Ebook

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